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an update and some small sales

First off, I wanted to introduce a new official plush I've added to my collection!


.. look familiar, right?

As you guys may be aware, there exists a fuzzy Slowpoke plush made by TOMY (pictured above). I discovered a year or so ago that there was indeed another version of him made. They were sold at the Pokemon Center in New York almost a decade ago and are far less common than the Japanese release.

Fortunately, I was able to stumble across an eBay listing for him weeks ago which I won for a pretty good price. Before, that I've only seen one other US release version of this plush in someone else's collection and it's been on my wants list ever since.

I'm not sure if this plush is rare enough to be considered a grail, but he was one of the last two plush I needed to complete my official Slowpoke plush collection.. one would think that after 3 years of collecting I would have them all. Apparently that's not the case.

Here's a face shot comparing a couple of minor differences, some of the most obvious ones.
One notable difference is the nostrils - the one on the left is the American release with round nostrils, whereas the one on the right (Japanese release) has line nostrils.

Overall the US release (left) is also a bit "squished" looking and flatter but pudgier than his Japanese counterpart, and the position of the ears is also lower which makes them appear droopy.
Also some gorgeous custom plush by some very talented plush artists peeking in the background!

Here's a picture of the different tush tags! USA on left, TOMY (Japanese) on the right.

Here's my new poke with an ongoing project of mine that I've made a little bit of progress of just for fun. :)

So what's the last plush that I am missing?
This elusive bugger right here:

It slipped my hands once before, and I had the chance to purchase it for *gasp* $30 when I first got into collecting, but thought "naw, that's kind of expensive, I'll wait for another one to pop up at a cheaper price". BAD IDEA. :(
It's been 3 years and I still have yet to see another! So, if any of guys happen to find one for sale and let me know about it, I would be eternally grateful. <3

The second part of my post is a make a quick reminder that I'm weeding out a bunch of Slowpoke line TCGs and a couple other goodies!

Super rare Japanese cards (from a set I don't know the name of ;_;): $8 each

Slowpokes: All $1 each
Reverse Holos/Holos: $1.50 each

Slowbros: $1 each

Slowkings: $1.50 each

Other assorted cards: $1 each

$1 each for everything here too! Regular/reverse holo Slowbros, english and Japanese.
Slowking on the bottom is $6

RARE pokepark notebook! $12

Sticker: $3 for this sheet

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