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holymotherof Sales + weeding entire zebras and bisharps collection!

Hey guys so I got my amazing and ridiculously large Noppin box yesterday and picked out everything I wanted to keep so the rest is up for grabs! I also included the rest of my previous eBay lot here to sell individually.


A "shipped" price only means shipped within the US.
Priority is given to those who want to buy the entire LOT, as opposed to individual items. I'll be waiting 24 hrs from when I post this to see if anyone is interested in any lots first and then after that I'll open lots up for individual sale.
I only used recycled packing materials, sorry! However since this is such a large sales post I may end up buying some.
I protect paper tags to the best of my ability. (I have never had a tag reported to me arriving bent when it was protected!)
Offers for items end whenever interest dies down (so it's subjective).
Feel free to ask about item conditions and what not. Though if there's glaring damage I will most likely have mentioned it already.
If you ask me a question that is clearly already answered in the rules, I'm going to direct you back to the rules and whatever item you were asking about goes to the next person!

Sales permission granted by dakajojo 10/2011

Piplup and Pikachu mini hotcake pans! They are MIB (I only took them out to photograph). The Piplup box has a side where the glue doesnt work anymore and so the cardboard is kind of loose. But when you seal it, it still holds sturdy :)
I'm really unsure of how much these go for so they will be up for offers in threads below, each starting at 10$.

Black lottery bag 5$
Lottery mug MIP 7$
Meowth Pokedoll figure 25$ shipped
Psyduck, Pikachu pokedoll figures 20$ shipped each

(Pokedoll figures I will be flattening the boxes. They're actually only held together by clear tape so it would have that ugly box opening residue!)

Meowth w/ Pikachu Pokedoll lottery plush 30$ shipped (keep in mind I haven't opened the bag it's in yet, this is just how it arrived from Noppin to me. It looks minty fine though.)
Rare female Pikachu plush from 2009 (tush tag only) 30$ shipped
Walky Squirtle with tush tag and charms 20$

Halloween 2007 Pikachu Display X2 (its actually a hat you're supposed to curl and tie together but I think they're better displayed XD) 5$ each
Super cute halloween 2007 mini paper bags X2 5$ each
Pikachu/Victini keychain 3$
Zoroark hang thing 1$

Bookmarks 3$ each or all for 15$

Nobunaga postcard holder, comes with Zekrom, Aritcuno, Groudon, Infernape, and Munna postcards inside)
Up for offers starting at 10$

Cheren 32 pack 15$
Team Plasma 32 pack 20$
N 32 pack 15$
Cynthia 64 pack 25$
Stunfisk 32 pack 12$
Cheren Deck box 15$

N/Reshiram clearfile up for offers starting at 10$
Others 7$ each
Clearfile case 5$

Pikachu world clearfile (used) 4$
Pikachu mini clearfile free with 5$ purchase
Double feature pokemon movie 5$

Pikachu MWT (tag has many creases), Landmin (tush only), Skymin (tush only), Darkrai (tush only). Foongus MWT 20$ shipped each
Cubchoo MPC MWT 3$

Pokemon Cooking Club "water types" hot plate 40$ OBO
Sticker 5$

Top stamp box set
has been lightly used meaning - the stamps have ink on the bottoms which can easily be washed out, the ink pads were used lightly and still have plenty of ink!
20$ shipped
Bottom stamp box set
some have been used but not all, even lighter usage than the box above
missing STUNFISK stamp, otherwise includes everything
18$ shipped
Lillipup, Reuniculus, Darumakka stamps 1$ each
or take the entire STAMP LOT for 35$ shipped

Nobunaga Handkerchief MIP (has been taken out birefly for display and put back in package) 20$ shipped
Chikorita Handkerchief/Postcard MIP (has also been taken out for display and put back in) 5$
RSE Pokemon Quiz book 5$

Pikachu Date Counter 20$ shipped
Pikachu, Scraggy mini trashcans 10$ each

Memo pad 10$
Strap 12$
Charm 8$
Clearfile 10$
Handkerchief 10$
Or take Yokohama/Suicide!Chu lot for 50$ shipped

Bisharp line, Zebstrika line, Wailord line, Manectric line 12$ each set
Ditto 7$
Salamence line, Stoutland line 15$ each set
Halloween Chandelure line 20$ shipped
will not seperate individual charms so please don't ask!

McDonalds toys 1$ each (Reshiram, Pikachu-lights up, JP Pikachu-talks)
Megabloks 1$ each, or 5$ for all
Clear Wailmer kid 2$
Electrike, Manectric, Houndour 4$
Messenger Dragonite (both have minor paint rubs on toes) 6$ each
Quick Ball 3$

Keshipoke ball 1$
Omanyte in fossil mini model 5$
Elektrik MIP AEON badge 5$
MIP Male Trainer dot sprite notepad 6$
Cheren Pokemate strap MIP 9$
Clefairy doll squishys 5$ each
Pansage dot sprite tin 2$

BW Artfolio 4$
Christmas Market foam ornaments 3$ each
Sticker books 5$ each

Nobunaga MIP cushion 25$ shipped

Pokemon Card lot (all holos and reverse holos) 30$ shipped OBO

Mini Shelgon lot 15$

Charm set 20$
Halloween charm 20$
Clipping figure 5$
used phonestrap 4$
Jakks figure 10$
Cut rotom kid 3$
Sealed card folio 10$
or take the entire Rotom lot for 57$ shipped

Waza Museum 20$ (box damage)
charm set 12$
Pawniard, Bisharp kids 4$ each
Card sleeves set 7$
Ensky magnet 3$
AEON badge 6$
Halfdeck deck box 10$
US pokedoll MWT 15$
Tomy pose figure 7$
Bisharp stamp 3$
or take the entire Bisharp lot for 80$ shipped

clear phone strap 4$
solid phone strap 4$
figure stamper X2 5$
sticker set 2$
bandaid 1$
cupcake thing 3$
tail error kid 4$
enksy magnet 4$
retsuden stamper 6$
AEON badge 6$
tissue pack 3$
Banpresto MWT X2 15$
Tomy plush MWT 22$
US pokedoll MWT 15$
Usakochan custom tail charm 5$

3D pokedex AR card 2$
Score card TCG 2$
Waza Museum 20$
attack kid 6$
regular kid 5$
Retsuden stamper 5$
green ensky, pink ensky magnet 4$ each
mini red stamp 3$
AEON badge 7$
charm set 12$
chupa figure 8$
poker card 2$
glow in the dark korean pan sticker 2$
card sleeves set 1$
Banpresto MWT X2 20$

The items I have multiples of (X2) I will sell one of them immediately for straight sale.
The lot only includes ONE of each item.
Take all my zebras for 200$ shipped
Or Blitzle lot for 100$ shipped
Or Zebstrika lot for 100$ shipped

Tags: bisharp, blitzle, rotom, sales, shelgon, zebstrika

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