Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

GA updates and Coin Opening reminder

Pokeman McDonalds Badge GA - It was shipped to me shortly after everyone paid. I haven't received it yet. Please don't worry. If anything goes wrong I can get a refund through eBay.

Magnetic Pokeball GA - I got the shipping quote so I've given it to lucklessprince to work magic on and turn it into spreadsheets. I should pay for it tomorrow when my bank unlocks my debit card. Again. Long story.

+ Pokebox + members please look at (link). Shipping charges and info! I have the final set of quotes to calculate from GBP to US Dollars. I don't usually spend time on the internet at the weekend, but I will try and get them done for tomorrow night.

Speaking of tomorrow night...
TOMY COINS: I will be doing a sealed TOMY Japanese Coin opening this Sunday at 7PM GMT - (2PM EST, see timer for confused folks). The coins will then be auctioned off with photos on the comm, probably shortly after.
I will be using Ustream (link) which does not require a confirmation email. See you guys there!

Tags: group auction, group buy, metal figures

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