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Piplup wants and plush cleaning

Hello PKMNcollectors! I hope you are all doing well!
First I just wanted to show you my clean Piplup Pokedoll. I bought him from placetohide in used condition for a really good price. Also one af the first things I bought here back in late winter/ early spring
It's a bit difficult to tell the difference in the pics because he wasn't too terribly dirty but he needed cleaned anyway
photo (1)
You can kinda tell that his "buttons" are kinda yellowish

photo (2)
He's all nakkkkid (no scarf) and wet DX
photo (3)
Mostly dry and looking a lot better!
I used to think that cleaning a plush would be very difficult but it's super easy!

Also a couple piplup things I'm looking for are the reversible pokeball plush, Japanese or American Pokedoll with at least a butt tag but both would be better, and the sitting piplup kid and the regular standing kid (don't know the names of the sets)
I have about $20 to spend atm I have no clue what a mwt Piplup Pokedoll goes for (most of the ones on ebay are booties)
Have an amazing rest of the weekend!

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