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Ebay win with a few keychains up for grabs

Hi again! I completely forgot to do this post when I won a recent small keychain lot on ebay. ^^;

I only want Pikachu. The rest is up for grabs. I haven't gotten this in the mail yet because I won it four days ago. The seller contacted me the day after I won it and said they had been shipped out. So I should be getting them soon. They will be $2 each. Shipping within the US will be $1.50; Canada $2; Int. $3. There will be a Paypal fee included in the total. If you have ordered stuff from me in the recent past and I haven't mailed your items out yet, I'll be happy to combine shipping. :)

Thanks for looking!

Gengar: shootthetanks
Jigglypuff: alakazzandra
Tags: gengar, jigglypuff, pikachu, squirtle
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