Jan (poliwhirl) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Before Japan Sales - aka Sales Post Update!

Just realized it's now less than a week til my trip to Japan (Osaka to be exact :D), I accidentally transferred too much money out of my paypal two weeks ago so I come with a before Japan sales update!

Updates include zukans, plushes, some random items, and price cut on existing items! (including NIB kids from $2.5!)
Shipping starts at $2 for figures and $3-4ish for plushes.

Haggling is welcome if I say OBO, and on old items :3 (but please be reasonable!)


Please note that I will try to pack as and ship as many of these as possible, but FYI I might be unable to ship until I get back from Japan ^^; If you are in hurry for getting your items please let me know first!

(Click this fake Cut to the SALES!)

Tags: sales

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