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Con Haul!!

Whelp, I just got back from NYCC a few hours ago, so here I am to post about what I got at the con as well as the weekend before from the Pre-Launch event at Nintendo World! So follow the cut below the silly cosplay photo for what I got~♪

I only really took one image of everything together, so here it is.

(it's a lot of vocaloid, I'm sorry)
Anyway, I got the B2W2 drawstring bag from my boyfriend buying White2 during the pre-launch event, and bought myself the Meloetta plush they had. I also picked up Hanafuda cards and a Regigigas Plush (the latter isn't pictured as it was for my sister). I got the Black/White Kyurem shirts from the Launch Celebration this weekend as well as the poster (though I got the one my boyfriend got with his game, i didn't want to roll that one up so it's still at his place). I also somehow forgot to give in my tokens from the launch celebration so whoops I have those too. :V And lastly, before I get into the game in the back (for a specific reason), I picked up Sanshee's Isshu badge expansion on friday!

And now, about that game.
I hadn't been planning on getting the US versions for B2W2; I hadn't for BW either. Sooo, how'd I end up with this copy of Black2? Well, at the launch celebration there were pokémon trivia sessions, and I ended up getting picked to answer "Where is Join Avenue located?". And, of course, the answer was easy, and the prize?

A copy of Black2, signed by Junichi Masuda and Takao Unno!!

I did post a picture of me with it on the train ride home as an @reply to Masuda on twitter, so you might have seen it already. But, regardless, I'm very happy to have this copy of the game, and I started it yesterday as well. I'm running challenge mode since I had all the keys already in my japanese copies, so hopefully it will prove to still be fun the third time around haha

Anyway, thanks for looking everyone! uwu

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