liekri (liekri) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello! A small introduction :)

Hello everyone! My name is Vicky, and I've been a fan of Pokemon nearly my entire life. It would be my whole life if it existed before I was born! Ha!

I've been glancing at this community for quite a while now, but I didn't have any sort of collection so I just looked at all of yours with admiration. That's changing now! With the amazing amounts of merchandise out there, I decided to start small with my absolute favorite pokemon: Gastrodon! Well, Gastrodon and the adorable little Shellos too. I just have a few pieces right now, take a look!

And then a few others I've picked up over the years, no collecting in mind. They add numbers though, so they count for now xD

I look forward to expanding my collection, but I might need some help since I'm not very familiar with all the different brands and types and everything else, really! My research has turned up plenty of things to go after, but there's always those few barely-ever-seen items. We'll see how it goes :) Anyways, I'm so happy to have found this place and feel free to drop any comment :)

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