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Arizona Fall Meet Up!

Hey Guys!

Time for another meet up! (Arizona anyway......) Click below for details!

I know I am posting this late at night, but I wanted to get the idea out there while I am thinking about it. I keep forgetting and putting it here I am. Three ideas have come to me:

1) Golfland. The weather is getting cooler and mini golf is fun and fairly cheap. :)

2) Dave and Busters(arcade and food place) There is a location in Tempe Marketplace. A pretty nice shopping center.

3) Pumpkin Patch. I thought it might be fun if we go pick out pumpkins and carve them. They have a cute local farm here in Gilbert I thought would be good. But I know there are plenty of places to get pumpkins. Maybe we could go to a park(Freestone(it is in Gilbert)) to carve the pumpkins.

Sorry for the lack of details right now. I am heading to bed soon and just wanted to get the post out there. I can put more details out tomorrow. Also I was thinking to have the meet this weekend or the 28th. ( I am busy the 27th.....)

Let me know if you think my ideas are neat, lame, or crazy. :) Have a great night/day!


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