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Jakks Eeveelutions + Venusaur Line Zukan Auctions!

The collection weeding continues!  This time I bring to you my personal collection of Jakks Eeveelutions as well as one of my oldest zukans, the RSE Venusaur Line!

Here's the individual photos!  Please pardon the dust, these guys are fresh out of storage, I'll be sure to wipe them down before sending though!

Espeon Jakks - Starting bid $25

Umbreon Jakks - Starting bid $35

Vaporeon Jakks - Starting bid $50

Eevee Jakks - Starting bid $25

Jolteon Jakks - Starting Bid $35

Flareon Jakks - Starting Bid $35

Venusaur Line Zukan - Starting bid $75 , BIN $125

Note: I'm almost 100% sure that's not the base he came with, but its what he was stored with, it has two peg holes


1.)  This auction ends FRIDAY, 10/19/12, at 9PM Pacific Standard Time.
2.)  Only Paypal will be accepted as payment for this auction.
3.)  Feel free to ask any questions and let me know if you need/would like additional photos!
4.)  I am shipping from US, California, Auction winner agrees to pay shipping.
5.)  Do NOT snipe, Bids made within the last 15 minutes will extend the auction another 15 minutes until the bidding is done to prevent sniping.
6.)  Do NOT bid if you do not intend to pay.  Non paying bidders as well as those who delete their bids will be met with negative feedback.

Have Fun!

Tags: auction, bulbasaur, eevee, espeon, flareon, ivysaur, jakks, jolteon, sales, umbreon, vaporeon, venusaur, zukan
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