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Weeding Sales

Hi everyone.
Right now I have to much stuff on my shelves, and I want to make room for my fishies collection, so my old collections must be sold. (Plus I want most of this stuff out of my house >.<)


 I can ship everywhere

 I ship from Goodyear AZ in the United States. And I am not responsible if you item gets lost in the mail! But if it does get lost, I will offer a 50% refund of your total!

 I am a SLOW shipper. If this is a problem to you, its best not you buy from me.

 I will do holds but only for 48 hours, if you need more time, please tell me.

 All shipping starts at $1.95 (In the U.S.) and $3 to anywhere else
 I accept Paypal and (maybe) cash.
 Sales Permission granted by entirelycliche on 4/2/12

 Prices are based on the quality of the items, and popularity/rareness.


Vespiquen Collection- $15
Attack Combee Kid- $3
Regular Combee Kid- $1.50
Vespiquen Tomy- $5
Vespiquen Zukan- $4
Vespiquen Kid- $2
Bootleg Combee Plush- $3


Poliwag/ Poliwhirl Collection- $15
Poliwhirl Plush- $3 (Loved)
Poliwhirl Hasbro- $5
Poliwag Kid- $1.50
Poliwag Derpy Figure- $0.10
Poliwag Metal Figure- $1
Poliwag Zukan Piece with custom base- $3
Poliwrath Figure- FREEBIE
Poliwag Tomy- $3
Poliwag BK Toy- $1

Jigglypuff Collection- $12
Eraser- $1
Roller- $2
Kid- $2
Keychain Figure- $2
BK Spinner- $1
Chainless Keychain Figure- $1
Gold thingy- $2
In-packaging Jigglypuff and Wiggltuff Tomys- $6

New Dewott, Sandile, and Deerling Jakks- $13
(The top of the packaging is a bit ruined)

Sudowudoo Jakks, loved- $1
Teddiursa Jakks, loved- $3
Comicon Zoura Bootie (Same condition in which I bought it)- $6

All kids $1.50, except for Seadra who is $0.50 (Loved)
Kyogre is DX and loved, $2

All kids $1.50 except for Cacturne who is $3

All kids $0.75 except for Rotom who is $2
Sold: Wurmple, Dustox

Moferno, Chimchar, Whismur,- $0.75 each
Glow-in-the-dark Minum- $4
Rest are $1.25

Tyranitar- $4
Rest are $1

All Jakks $2 (Pidove and Cyndaquil are loved, and Seadra is a BK Toy)

All $1
(Talking Jakks Mewtwo is very low on batteries)

Freebies, only get 3
GONE: Castform, Claydol

Thank you!
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