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poseable eel up for adoption + GA payment 2!

Hi all, I am putting one of my custom made plush up for auction today!


Here's a larger version of the preview shot:

The story behind this guy is that he's a prototype plush for a larger version that I plan to make as a birthday present, so since I won't be gifting the smaller version, he's up for auction!


He's poseable, made from minky, and stuffed with polyester. Hand and machine sewn with applique details and the fins are stiffened so they don't flop. At max height he sits about 8" tall. You can pose him straight, sideways, or looking right up at you (or however you like). :D

I weighed his tail down so he can stand when posed at the right angle. <3

Because of this, Eelektrik does weigh a bit more than the average plush so expect higher shipping.

His armature extends to the area right before the tail fin begins, so when posing him you would need to pose him from there or the armature may poke out a bit; I'd throw this out there in case it was a big deal for anyone. As the photos show though, it doesn't actually make much of a difference visually if pushed back in place.

Standard, no sniping auction rules apply. Please bid in increments of (minimum) $5.
This is a 10 day auction that ends on October 26th, at 10pm PST.
The bid/BIN price do not include shipping or fees.

Starting bid is $150, BIN @ $350

Eel is sold! Thanks everyone.

The last half of my entry is a quick update on the in-case figure GA I've co-hosted with saberalter! Payment 2 is due so please look out for my comment with totals. Thanks for everyone's patience!

You may click the image to get to the original group auction page to find your totals in case you've missed the notification. :)
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