Kenna (ivyaggron) wrote in pkmncollectors,

First actual wants post~ throw your Karrablasts at me :u

After losing the Aggron zukan for the 3rd/4th/I lost track :v/ time, I've decided I need to fill up my Karrablast collection with as many things as I can find 8) (and obligatory sales plug)
Oh, and I would love for all flats to be shipped in a letter envelope, thanks! :x

Karrablast Noble Victories   Karrablast Dark Explorers These cards, any and all editions: reverse holos, championships card, etc.

Karrablast deck sleeves tohoku^Pokemon Center Tohoku opening deck sleeve(s) <3

Karrablast sticker Karrablast on this sticker sheet, any other Karrablast stickers/flats/etc. wanted as well c:

Karrablast puzzle Karrablast puzzle~ (The purple one on the right :x)

Karrablast gold metal Karrablast metal figures (Need this one and the silver one)

Karrablast diceBiggest want! The Cobalion movie die. I had passed it up once, and now regret it. ;n; I will throw my monies at you for this! :u

Tiny Aggron wants too:
European Aggron Launcher CLEAR AGGRON KID Aggron restuden stamp DP Aggron movie die Aggron pencil topper

Also, any other Karra things I don't have, feel free to offer them to me~ :) Thanks everyone! <3


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