Orbit (storms_in_orbit) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Another Wants Post Today

Hello again, everyone! Got some good tips today at work so I've got a little extra to spend and after losing a Metagross Zukan for the third time I'm looking for a little retail therapy. I'm currently looking for the items below or anything else with the pokemon listed that I don't own, please feel free to ask about an item if you have it for sale, thanks! I'm slightly less interested in flats but I can always be swayed but really neat ones. 

- Game Freak Artwork Clear File of Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza.
- Beldum kid in or with box and sticker.
- Beldum/Metang/Metagross Zukan (as close to mint as possible)
- Beldum/Metang/Metagross Pokédex figures
- Dialga Zukan (preferably not the 10th anniversary movie edition)
- Dialga plush (except the pokedoll)
- Mareep/Ampharos items (except zukan, Mareep PT strap and bookmark, Ampharos UFO and Canvas plush)
- Nice deck boxes~
- Customs of the pokemon above are also great!

Thanks again~!
You guys are always so awesome and I really appreciate your help!
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