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Haunted Pokedolls display and first collections update!

Hey :D I can finally take pictures of my collection since I got the majority of my stuff in the mail :3 (still some coming XD but if I wait for them I will never be able to take a picture cause there is ALWAYS something coming in the mail :D).

First, I am a plush collector :) I collect all kind of plushies like Webkinz Signature, WWF, Douglas Cuddle Toys, etc. I don't know how it started but that day I found a video on youtube on "how to avoid fake pokemon plush" and it reminded me of my first "pokemon plush collection" I started in 2009 that was completely compose of fake plushes (I didn't know they were fakes). After being SUPER disappointed of the discovery of fakes in my "collection" I didn't want to look at pokemon again XD but that video was a new begining :D It was a video made by Brian for his store "pokevault". After taking the decision of buying a pokedoll, ONLY ONE, from his store to add to my plush collection, I choose Raikou :D But Raikou was WAY to cute than expected so now I have more than one pokedoll XD

I started to collect Pokedolls in April 2012 and that's my collection as October 2012 :)

This is an overview on how I am keeping my collection :3 and as the title say XD I think those shelve are haunted D: I don't know if you have the same problem as me but almost EVERY TIME I go in that room there's at least one Pokedoll on the floor :S and it's not always a face planter... Once, my boyfriend wanted to do something on it's computer (they are in the same room as our computers stuff) and just before he sits, the first entire row fell on the floor without notice O: 


This summer :D I decided to add some Jakks plushies :3 I don't know if it's the same everywhere, but they are only $5 at Walmart! It's worth checking ^-^
I also got the chance to have a display for free :3


Once again, because of a video on youtube, I decided to add some Canvas to my collection :D those things are so cute!!!! ^-^ I only have 4 right now, but I don't think I will get more :( they are cute but very expensive >_<


That Zorua and Pikachu are the only one I had in my last collection that was not fake :3 so I kept them! All the others where given to charity. I was not sure at first for the Zorua but it's clear now :D thanks everyone for your comments!
Oh and that big figurine :) Walmart again for $7!!! I am telling ya :D go to Walmart!!


First set of starter complete with little set of matching keychain :) This Mudkip is so precious ^-^ it was one of my first and I think it's the first Japanese release.


Second set of starter complete :D I love those 3 so much ^-^ they are so cute!!!!


Zoom on 3 rows :)


The rest of the haunted shelves :)


My video games collection :D.... I know I don't have any of the originals :( my parents never wanted me to have a game boy.. they were telling me that I would go blind if I had one >_<


Overview of my full collection of plushies :3


I have more pokemon merchandise at my parents's house :) they live at 300km from me sadly, but I am going to visit them at the end of the month and will take everything with me :D I have LOTS of figurines and older plush!
I might ask for a "seller permit" and sell some of my older stuff too :)

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