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grail get!! + GPON?


Hey guys! <3 Long time no post. I've been REALLY busy with offline stuff, but things are quiet again for the time being and I finally got some things in the mail worth posting about. C:

I really didn't expect to get my second grail so soon! But the people here are incredible and frogs are lucky. :D It's also about GPON because when I went to edit the pictures to post I remembered I had quite a few shots of Nate adventuring! So that's why this post is a grail get + GPON (Gratuitous Photos Of Nate) post.

I hope you enjoy! ♥

Big grails come in small packages!

But first... GPON! Because we all love Nate. Right? Anyway, my boyfriend visited me from Australia recently so I had to go down to Toronto to pick him up! Naturally, Nate came with me. I didn't get as many shots of him as I hoped, but he had fun. I think.

It turns out the airport isn't close to the CN Tower so no, hon, not quite. :C You'll still get to see it in the distance though! One day I'll get a photo of you with the real thing. And you'll be afraid because it's very tall and you are very little.

It's hard to tell, but those are indeed cows.

We're on our way to Subway so just hold up, little guy! And that's French so it doesn't mean what you think it does. :B

This setup is in the airport and looked really cool! I'm not sure if they're actual fossils or just some kind of sculpture. It was an advertisement for the Royal Ontario Museum. (What better place to advertise than an international airport?)

It's okay, Nate, it's not alive. And either way, it looks more focused on the little dino so I think you'll have time to run away... maybe. Turtwigs are awfully slow.

That's all of Nate-in-a-car. Moving on to when my boyfriend was actually here, we had some poketiems! One night he was laying down playing on his DS and I covered him in almost all of my Kid figures. He won't let me post that photo, though, so you'll just have to imagine it. It's quite funny looking. And it's unexpectedly difficult to balance a lot of them on a person.

While he was here, we played Pokemon together!

And Meringue played Secret of Mana! Alone! Because he's a controller hog.

AND WE FOUND A BUDEW JAKKS IN A PILE OF RANDOM PLUSH?! He was hidden amongst all the mooses. I was so surprised since the only thing my microscopic town ever has Pokemon-wise is a poor stock of the McDonalds promos. XD I was tempted to get him but... I don't collect him, so. :c I stuck him more out in the open so hopefully he'll get a forever home someday.

LOOK AT THAT DOUBLE-HANDED DEATH GRIP ON WOBBUFFET. XD This is a sort of tourist attraction because of the beautiful scenery. It's literally on top of a cliff, and since it's high up it was windy and my boyfriend was FREAKING OUT when I pulled my Pokemon out of my bag. X'D He was terrified they were gonna blow away to their dooms. This is the only shot he helped me get both plushes in because he wasn't going to encourage me to take them out of the safety of my bag, haha.

Like I said, he wouldn't help me get any more shots of both plush so I had to take these separately. XD This is on top of a wooden viewing platform. The backgrounds would look nicer if I went all the way to the front of the platform to get that fence out of the shot... BUT NOPE. It's scary out there omg. I'll remind you: THIS IS ON TOP OF A CLIFF. And I don't trust old wooden constructs. e_e

Washed out photo of Nate enjoying a rest spot on the trails!

Aaand sitting on my lap while waiting for our ride to come pick us up (after we got peed on by a toad. Having had toads for pets most of my life I'm used to it. My boyfriend was not. That was pretty funny).

Aaand sadly, photo of Nate at the airport the day I had to say goodbye to my guy. :C I tried to get a shot of him with the planes through the windows but my camera didn't like it.


Now! GRAIL TIME. Obligatory singing because I've always wanted to be able to do it...



Before I go any further I'll give a little back story, for anyone curious. If you remember my previous grail, my grabby figure 'toed, this is... a really similar story. This is my second grail and my second time getting it VERY EASILY. (If you have to throw things can you please make them soft? I'M SORRY ;A;) After getting my grabby figure my next default grail was the clear Kid -- until aleyina told me about this little Wobbuffet plush she got from a lot that included a paper insert with a Politoed on it! I was REALLY surprised. I'd never seen the series before and even though I really wanted the Politoed, I resigned myself to the fact that it would probably be a few years before I ever heard a whisper of it. It was a Banpresto series from 2000, after all, and I'd never seen anyone mention the plushes before. There weren't even photos of the plush itself, just a sort of stylized picture on the insert.



YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH. Go ahead and hit me now... :B

I was really stunned and really excited. And kind of scared my boyfriend. He didn't know what was going on; I just started dancing and squealing and squeezing him, haha. So, ready to have a look?

Package contents! LOOK AT THAT DRAWING. ♥ poliwhirl's doodles are so cuuuteee~

WHAT DO I EVEN SAY? It's SO CUTE. Words completely fail me because... what... what to say?! Just ahhh. ;A;

WHAT? WHAT WAS THAT? You're not seeing double! TWO PACKAGES?! YEP.

How often do you find TWO of your grail and still be able to eat? ;u; Look at those derpy faces, squee! The 3-pack will stay sealed since I already have a Wobbuffet, and... I already have another Politoed! THAT IS AWESOME TO SAY.

LOOK HOW TINY. HE IS AN ITSY BITSY BALL. (Notice his left eye is printed funny just like the packaged one? XD I think it's cute.)

UGH DAT BELLY SWIRL <3 And feeeeets. I'm so exciteddd you have no ideaaaa~~ Unless you've gotten grails too. Then you do. ;u;


SEE? Waaaah cutiesss

Here's a photo of the insert, if it helps anyone! These are called Banpresto Pokemon Mascot Straps, and they are indeed capsule toys as aleyina mentioned the Wobbuffet she got coming in a large clear Pokeball. The set is dated 2000. I'm guessing the ones I got were either removed from their capsules or taken straight from a warehouse before being put in the balls, or something. I dunno. Either way, they're mint and I'm happyyy~

I'm probably interested in selling off the loose Teddiursa that came with my 'toed, if anyone's interested. I don't know how to value it though, but let me know! I do have sales permission. c:

Now a question relating to these plush: Have you ever seen them before?
I'm really curious as to how many other people may have known about the set since it was such a surprise to me. I saw the Aipom sold semi-recently in a comm member's sales post, and obviously I have all the others except Pichu in my possession. Right now Pichu seems like the rarest to me, haha.


While I'm here, I'll throw in a few photos of my other gets!

Hehehe, all dat Worlds 2012 merch. >u< Big thanks to caffwin for picking it all up for me. I got everything that had 'toed on it, so a playmat, binder, deck box, cleaning cloth, and shirt (not pictured 'cause it's in the wash). She also included a page with Politoed on it from the notebook, which I'd love to be able to laminate and use as a dry erase board.

Other gets include Stadium 2 poster, N64 GAAAMES, Rumble Blast postcard thing, and Kids (hard to see but they're on the binder).

Closeup! I love that sticker sheet so much. <3 The three Politoed cards and tiny sticker are lovely gifts from lulupin (and the TCG are in French! Eee Tarpaud 8D), the Seismitoad magnet is a birthday gift from hebilea, and the Politoed drawing charm is a birthday gift from sorjei! <33 ALL YOU GUYS MAKE ME SO HAPPY I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU

My Palpitoad AEON badge, along with some freebie stickers zeldana gave me. ;u; AEON badge photos seem hard to come by so I thought I'd throw this in there. XD Palpitoad is so cuuute. Must get 3DS...

To finish off the photos, I had to show this adorable drawing by revarrie. I was so astounded when I saw it! It looks like a lot of effort was put into it and I really adore it. It's definitely one of my favourite mail drawings! Thank you!

Aaand a postcard hebilea sent me for my birthday! <33 Look at those cute faces. XD I have it tacked to my wall. It makes me happy to look at.


So, that's that. Now my next grail is the clear Politoed Kid! Can this luck carry me through 3 grails in a row? WE'LL SEE.

But all this got me wondering... What is your smallest grail? Size-wise, not by the degree of want. I'm just curious since all of mine are really small items. XD

Finally, my boyfriend bought me something special for Christmas! And it's in my closet right now. I'm so tempted to peek. I know what it is though, and I'm eager to make a photostory for the grand opening but I GOTTA WAIT 2 MONTHS. Somebody sympathize with me. X'D
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