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turtle sales

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Jakks Zorua - $9 (purchased by me new at Target)

Jakks Scraggy - $9 (purchased by me new at Target)

Pokedoll Oshawott - SOLD

Jakks Sandile - $10 (no hang tag)

Pokedoll Lapras - SOLD

Hasbro? Jigglypuff - SOLD

?? Cherrim - $3

?? Chimchar - $1 (left over from GA)

?? Cranidos - SOLD

UFO Staraptor - SOLD


Cranidos & Pikachu - 50 cents (marked/dirty)
Alakazam, Kadabra, Abra, Munchlax, Exeggutor, Rhyperior, Honchkrow, Electivire A & B, Magmar, & Dusclops - $1


silver Infernape, silver Empoleon, silver Buneary, Phione, silver Phione, silver Manaphy - $1 each or 2 for $1.65
dirty Blastoise - 50 cents (or free with purchase)


Pokemon Rumble pin Pikachu -SOLD

Pinsir dice game - $5 (open but complete)

Pokemon Time Mew bookmark - SOLD

☺ Sales permission from dakajojo 7|20|2011
☺ PKMN Feedback~ http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/3kame/
☺ Old Feedback~ http://turtles4sale.livejournal.com/453.html
☺ I ship from 23464 USA anywhere in the world, pretty quickly
☺ I have dog & cat, there may be hair inadvertently
☺ I re-use shipping supplies at no cost to you, please pay for new (ask)
☺ Shipping starts $1.95 in USA and $3 international for most items
☺ If you have special request for wrapping, packing (box?) etc. let me know
☺ I take Paypal jeweledturtle [A] yahoo.com, you pay fees. Please include your user name and items somewhere on the PayPal form
☺ I can also take Amazon giftcard or ?? just ask!
☺ If you want immediate feedback please give me a link to your feedback once you have paid
☺ Not selling to anyone banned from pkmncollectors or videogames4sale, Or anyone I don't like
☺ I can't be responsible if Postal Services loses your item (I will provide proof of shipping).
☺ If you ask for a quote you have 24 hours to claim the items after I get the quote for you, if I don't hear from you they will be sold
☺ Haggling is ok, but only if you are buying more than 3 items, or if I accidentally grossly priced something
Tags: figures, kids, plush, sales

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