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Long-Due Collection Update!

Gah, I feel a little bad for never posting. ^^" I just guess I'm kinda paranoid of being given the n00b-stamp for...over-activity? Yikes.
Oh, well. Back to the point, I've finally mustered the muse to make a collection update! Yay! Although, I'd have to admit it hasn't grown in the last few weeks, I have gotten a lot of new things since my last post!
I presume you're sick of my yakking, so I'll get to the pictures lol.

All of my little amethysts (wow I've really lost it now) together<3
Sorry for very, very crappy picture quality. -.e

My non-Mewtwo collection! I have many more games that the cases shown, the other ones I bought caseless. My favorite plush is the KFC Vulpix, I rescued her from the toy bin at the Salvation Army. And guess what? She had her tag! I also have a very, very large Shaymin plush not included in the picture. He has no butt tag, so I have no clue what he is. He looks like an amusement-park toy and had a string on his mohawk so he could be hung...does anyone know what he is?

Here are the two plush I just recently received! The Hasbro beanie is a little loved and has a name written on his tag, but he is special to me! His name is Ribo (from deoxyribonueclic - I probably misspelled that - acid. I like my science words.) The Applause plush has taunted me for a while now, every time one would pop up I was sniped! This was my first grail, even though it isn't that rare. Her name is Mewsie, and I finally won her at a total of eight dollars.

Here are the Mewtwo cards I have, my favorite would have to be the gold-writing promo or the Aquapolis (I believe thats what its called) card. What is he doing, anyways?
*imagines Mewtwo doing martial arts*
Eh...I think you'd be better off with your psychic powers...xD
My two jumbo cards seem to have bent under their own weight, I have tried almost everything to get them straight again. Is there cases that big? o.o Also, how is a good way to display cards/stickers? I have just been keeping them in the box, but the cards and sticker are barely visible. (I think the artbox sticker fell behind the gold-plated card but I assure you its there.)
I adore the tin and the promo in the tin.
I mean, that is a gorgeous shot of Mewtwo's armpit. :B

Okay, okay. Tis be the last of my endless stream of questions, but I have yet one more thing to ask.
What is a good goal for a newbie collector with a lower budget? I wanted to aim for things like the Play-by-Play plush and the white-tailed one (I absolutely love him despite his ugliness... he is a special Two and we should love him all the same.) Are these a bit lofty or are they fine to aim for? Sorry if I seem a bit unsure of myself, I'm and would greatly appreciate an older, more experienced member's opinion.

Oh..wait. I lied.
I have fallen in love with Colress. Is there any merch of him besides cards? <3
Now I am done, lol.
Thank you!
- Wolfie

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