swadloon (swadloon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Suicune Stampin' GA - Payment 1 Due

Hi, everyone! The invoice is in. We got giant discounts - the total bid was $255 and the invoice is $53.45. Payments are due in 24 hours. (48 hours at the most.) No exceptions.

The spreadsheet has everything you need - the amount you owe and the email address to send it to. 
Please put Suicune Stampin' GA - [username] in the subject of the paypal line.
The spreadsheet will be updated once akeyma confirms that you have paid. (Note: there may be a slight delay because akeyma is working a lot this weekend. Please don't panic!)

To chespin, rainyan and pacificpikachu - I need either your postcode (if your shipping address is in the US) or your country (if your shipping address is outside the US).

Thank you for helping to make this GA a successful one!

Tags: group auction

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