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Collection sneak peak and a mischievous Umbreon canvas practicing his ambushing skills

Hello all you lovely pkmncollectors ^^

I hope you are having a nice weekend! I'm having a great Friday evening! Number one I just got a gorgeous new glass shelf for my collection and I placed my eeveelutions in it ^^ Number two I got lots of packages that I just opened too! So I'm just having a nice time rearranging my collection tonight :)

I was inspired to make a sneak peak into my collection and needed to squeeze my eeveelution canvas on the top of the new shelf to make them all visible in the picture (they all barely fit now and I don't even have my incoming Leafeon from darkangellilith here yet x) I was being perfectly happy and having a lovely time ^^


... Lapras fainted!

Umbreon cavas decides to "fall" (=deliberately jump) down from the shelf and smash his tag's top loader right into my (newly arrived from mamath <3) beautiful Lapras TFG's beautiful little head leaving her stumbled over wit a cut on her forehead and lip :( It's not big or anything and can't be seen if you pick her up and study her, but it's still saddening to me because I just got her this week and I was soo happy to have found her. I can't believe I carelessly placed her where I did because I usually put her somewhere safe where my dog's tail can't send her flying off my collection table x) But she was positioned right under the glass shelf because the dog was being walked and after all I was rearranging! Temporarily moving stuff...

Did you ever experience anything like this? A more or less extensive "damage" to your favourite things that made you a little sad? What did you do to feel better afterwards? I actually shed a tear for her cuts x) Silly me! I'm already moving on by making jokes though :)

The culprit:

Poor Lapras looks like she's trying to localize herself to somewhere safer x)

And here's a preview of my collection, more to come! I was using my boyfriend's camera to take nice pics, but then the batteries died. I couldn't find the charger and he was at work so I took pictures with my half broken camera. Here's eeveelutions, canines and some marine pokemon if you can't see anything. I wouldn't if I didn't know my collection well xP Consider it a teaser/overview! ;)
EDIT: Uploaded a better/clearer picture :)

I'm going to get another glass shelf like this one for my non-eeveelus when I can find another used half-prized one for sale online :D I only paid $ 30 for it ^^

And here's a link to my collection projects and Wants :)

Please tell me if you can help me out with something under the "Wanted" section :D

(If I have any luck I could do business by the middle/end of next week :D Takes time to do money withdrawal between my accounts :( I just wanted to say in case it's not accepted/ok. Want to be safe :)

Thanks for reading and good night <3

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