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Hi there guys ! im new here..
im a girl from indonesia.. hahaha..
this is my first post, so i hope i dont make any mistake ><

im a pokemon lovers when i was still in elementary school but then i leave pokemon because of - you know what - become a fan girl

BUT NOW !! im getting crazy with pokemon again..
after playing black version of pokemon (the first one) and after i watch best wishes series lol
im a fans of oshawott, tepig, snivy, ofc pikachu and axew ! -die me die-

when i was kid i start collection pokemon cards..
but now ! i think i lost them all =.= or mum place it nowhere inside the box T_T
i only find this plushies.. i dont remember its an original or fake one.. lol

[MORE ~~]
and when i was kid i used to use this bottle and lunch box to school ! hahaha

and this is new collection o.o
i bought this from some site.. i dont even remember from where
i only remember i bought some of them at j-list, cooljap, sunyshore, and pokevault


i bought this yaki maker and my nephew love it soo much, every weekend when he come to my hus he ask me to cook something with that

and this weekend i made this for him.. kabocha yaki hahaha

and he finish that before i take a pic T__T

here are more foods that i get

pokemon best wishes furikake 

pokemon best wishes cream soup got 2 package inside, one is oshawott, and one pikachu
but i forgot where i save the oshawott one T_T

 (please ignore the chocobi and stitch one xD)

and here's the last one..
pokepachi hehehe..

and i have pokemon shirt from TCG event last time in hawaii.. -nopic- lol
and now im still looking for another pokemon items ;)

nice to meet you guys !

Tags: oshawott, pikachu, snivy, tepig

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