Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

"Pokemon Balls"

My Mum called me earlier in the week to say she had picked up a whole box of "Pokemon balls" for me from a  local store, plus some that were laying about. She is a lovely Mum.

Screen shot 2012-10-20 at 17.30.48

Up to three Zukan - about $5 to outside of Europe. (That's the USA, Brazil, Canada, etc. for those who just woke up after Friday)
Up to three Zukan - exactly $3.50 inside Europe.
Inside the UK I will have to quote you individually depending on size (of the package, not you. I'm sure you're lovely).
Includes bubble mailer and booklet per Zukan. All Zukan will be sealed in original bags.
I ship from the UK - within one working day of receiving payment.
You can have the balls if you wish but it might up shipping a tiny bit.

  • Prices do not include Paypal fee as it varies from country to country.
  • Please note Dialga does not come with a base in this release. I don't know why, maybe he's so fat that he couldn't have one.
  • You may use these pictures for a wants list. But if you do it whilst I still have them for sale I'm going to straight-up call you a jerk.
  • These items have small parts, do not feed them to your baby.
  • I received sales permission from dakajojo in June 2011
  • My Feedback is here
1 x Electabuzz line at $3.20 Sold
2 x Infernape line at $3.20
3 x Buneary and Lopunny at $3.20
4 x Roselia and Roserade at $3.20
3 x Eeveelution - Eevee, Glaceon and Leafeon at $8.03 Sold

I am offering one full set of six for $33 including shipping to anywhere in the world! If nobody buys in 24hrs, I will break up the set.
A full set contains:
Screen shot 2012-10-20 at 17.31.01

I have one spare Mint in Bag Dialga that I am starting at $8.00 and accepting bids of 50 cents. auction ends in 24hrs

Note: I'm about to scroll down the front page and pay the GAs I took part in, no worries!
Then I'm going to PM all the unpaid Pokebox and McDonalds Badge GB participants. :O
Tags: budew, buneary, chimchar, dialga, eevee, electabuzz, electivire, elekid, glaceon, infernape, leafeon, lopunny, monferno, roselia, roserade

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