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Did I End Up With A Bootie Tomy Figure?

Hmmm so I've been going over pics of my new gets to make a new post soon, but I've really been analyzing a Tomy Charmander figure I bought. I've bought a few of the original Tomys from community members, and never did have an issue with paint rubs. In fact, when the first Hasbro Tomys came out, I used to use those little Master Ball blaster things to knock them over, and they are still in perfect condition! So that's why I'm worried... Especially since I've already HAD issues with this figure already:
-traded my original one for a holo Base Raichu. I like that I have the card, but regret giving up my Charmander :(
-bought one off the community, got lost in the mail -_- (first purchase too!)
-now, possible bootie? 


I fixed up some of the paint rubs with red pen, but I always felt something was off... Mostly the really yellow paint on his belly and the bubbling of it. I Google Imaged it, and compared it with a pick I found from  Aleyina's LJ pics that came up. Totally different! I know with Auldey figures, some have paint "lines" on their figures (as seen slightly on his knee). Either than that, Auldey's paint quality is fine. With Aleyina's, I remembered that most of the Hasbro Tomys were more glossy (although I believe some of the Japanese ones were too? Or just the newer remakes?) 

Now, if this turns out to be a bootie, does anyone have a real one for sale? (Maybe if I'm lucky, one in good condition from a freebie pile that only requires shipping >_>).
Tags: charmander, figures, tomy

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