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Sales plus cute picture :3

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This time i have a cute collection picture :D

-Sales Permission granted in 2009 by former mod Lineaalba
-all comm rules apply
-I ship from the US and will ship internationally
-  please say your zip or country
-feedback here:
-Paypal is preferred but other options and can discussed
- I reserve the right not to sell to you, especially if you have neg feeback
-Tell if you want more shipping options.
- when you send payment please say what you bought.
- Haggling and best offers are fine with me.

Below this image are images that show flaws on some of the items. but the others are in good shape.
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Articuno zukan- $ 20 OBO
jolteon kid with marks on face- $5 OBO
Old Articuno tomys* one is painted shiny*- $2 a piece
Serperior bottlebap-$10
kabutops kid- $3
magcargo kid- $3
eelektross kid- $8
lugia bottlecap with iffy paint job one side of face and some leg paint rubs -$6
Clear Kyogre tomy- $15 OBO
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I don't know how these Settei got this way exactly ,  but I know its pretty sorry state for flats.
I don't know, throw me an offer and I will probably accept it.
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lugia has a bit of an iffy paint on the other side of the face, if anyone wants a pic of that i can give it.

lImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Giratina is not amused >:V

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