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an exciting collection update!

Hey guys!  Ahhh I've been itching to do an update for the longest time now.  Been super super busy, but since I obtained my dream job, I no longer work 7 days a week. Which means I finally have the opportunity to make time for my hobbies again!  Yay!!  I've got some cool new things ahead, plus some super wanted wants and stuff :D

I'll start with the non-snakeys first, since I don't have too many of them to update with right now. 

I finally got a semi-good haul on some Weepinbell things.  They come very few and far between, and the most I'm able to pick up if I'm lucky is a mini model color I don't have, and maybe a cool flat or two.  Well within the past few months, I've been able to cross off some more non-flat Weepinbell merch and I'm quite pleased and can't wait to find more!

First up is something I've been pining for ever since I joined~

Weepinbell Zukan piece!  This thing is so wonderful.  Anytime I would come across one, it would only be the full zukan, which I wasn't really interested in, but I would still try to go after it anyways.  After many failed attempts, someone this year decided to put some loose zukan pieces for auction.  One which was Weepinbell!  So I was on that real quick, and made sure it wouldn't get away.  And now he's here and part of my collection of big mouthed fly traps!  And of course no matter how small the zukan piece is, it's meticulously detailed, which is what I love the most.  He's hands down my favorite Weepinbell figure :]

Some really cute loose FCS figures [I believe], with the cutest frightened looking faces, haha.

151 pin!  Ohhh how beautiful your quirky art is <3333

Now I have a family of 151 pins of my main collections!

Eeeee chibi stamp!  It's been a year since I could find another color variation, so I'm really happy there was a GA this year with a bunch of chibi stamps, with this cute Weepinbell being amongst the many of them. 

Here he is with his other chibi stamp companion.  I would like to say this is the green one, but something caught my eye and confused me when I compared it to my other green chibi stamps. 

My other chibi stamps are very very green, almost a yellow green, while Weepinbell's is almost teal.  It's the strangest thing.  Maybe it's just my eyes or something, but it almost seems like this is neither a blue or a green stamp, but a teal one.  But since there are only 3 color variations, how could this happen?  Who knows, maybe it's just a very discolored blue one, I have no idea.  What do you guys think?  Or am I just crazy? Hahaha

Almost forgot about these guys since I didn't photograph them with the group of Weepinbell stuff.  A cutey cute pencil and a small Japanese magnet!  Gotta love those random non-flat things.

Okay!  Now onto the snakeys~

I've never been one to buy many customs, but I absolutely fell in love with illumeee's ceramic coasters when she posted an entry for customs earlier this summer.  Of course, I had to have an Arbok made, only the bestest snake ever.  


Words can't express how pleased I am with how this turned out.  All the details of his markings, his tongue, the swirls of his tail, everything is just so awesome!  The photos don't do it justice, but if you ever have the chance to commission illumeee, I highly recommend it!  You will not regret it :]

Another metal Arbok obtained, this time a magenta one!  I love the colored one so much, I want to own every single color so bad.  Slowly but surely will reach this goal!  

Here's all the ones I have so far!  Can't believe I have this many, even though I accidentally purchased an additional copper one, haha.  I also have another metal figure waiting for me with SMJ, just gotta request shipping for it x)

This thing is pretty cool.  I found it randomly on eBay;  it's officially called the "Game Boy Pokemon Sound Collection CD", which apparently is the soundtrack to the Gen 1 games. According to Bulbapedia, it contains all of the background music and sound effects that are used in the games.  I remember when I first got it, before I even knew what it was, I put it in my computer and played it, and was like "oh neat!"

The whole outside cover looks pretty sweet too.  "But Mar, why randomly have this piece of Gen 1 merch"?  

This is why:

Because it's not every day you find a CD with a badass looking Arbok on it ;D  I saw that in the little eBay thumbnail and had to snatch it up right away. 

What an unusual marking on his belly, plus that adorably fierce face!  So amazing.  Of course I have to have anything with an Arbok on it, haha. 

Here's what the second CD looks like in detail for anyone who's curious :]

A sweet looking Mewtwo and cute Slowbro, and a random Voltorb, Clefairy, Omanyte and Poliwhirl.  I actually think the art style of all the Pokemon in this CD cover is awesome, and for that reason alone is a good reason to own the CD x)

Also found more shirts with Arbok on it!

It blows my mind that I've been able to find shirts with Arbok on it.  Even when I was a kid, and even the past 2.5 years I've been in this community, I've never seen shirts with Arbok on them until this year.  It must be the year of the snakey shirts or something, or maybe I just finally have the incentive to find shirts with Arbok on them, haha.

I never thought in a million years this many shirts had Arbok on them.  I remember being lucky to find one.  But four?!!  This is madness

I also finally bought another red one, so I could actually wear it.  I originally bought one a earlier this year just for display, but since the seller has like 7 more [and they're decently priced!], I decided to buy another one. I cut it up a little bit because little kid shirts fit a little weird on me.  But I'm happy I have a shirt with my favorite Pokemon on it that I can obnoxiously show to the public and wear when I work out. :D

Next up is this cutie pie:

A custom Ekans that I purchased from orangey_blue.  Like I said earlier, I'm not one to buy many custom things, but something about that face made me want to take him home x)  His face and tail are simply marvelous.

Only have one new Seviper thingy this time around:

The regular attack kid!  I obtained the clear one of this kid like two years ago when I first joined, but never used much energy to find the regular one.  With this one, I believe I have all of Seviper's kids!

L to R: shiny, regular clear, regular, attack clear, attack.  They look so majestic in all of their glory :D

One more thing, which I saved the best for last.

A couple months ago, I found something on eBay that I was really reluctant to buy because of the price.  A couple people PM'd me about it, I remember for sure my dearest tyltalis was like "OMG OMG LOOK OMG MAR!"  After a long time of debating, I went ahead and bought it.  It was one of those things where I was like "Eh, it's something that's nice to have I guess, and it's something rare.  Might as well get it".  When it arrived, it arrived in a decent sized USPS box.  When I took it out of the box, it looked like this:


Ooooh, this looks a lot nicer than I originally anticipated

Whoaaaa, you are GORGEOUS.  Oh my god.  I was in love.  I didn't really embrace how exciting this was until after I opened it and held it in my hands myself.  When I bought it, I was like "okay, it's an animation cel, I'm not super crazy about them, but it has Arbok, and not many things have Arbok on them".   I do own one with Team Rocket on it, but you can't see Arbok's face, so I wasn't as enthusiastic about that one.  Happy to have it, but not like, SUPER enthusiastic as I am now to own this one.  This one, his stance is high and mighty, his colors are bright and vibrant, and he has the best look on his face.  It's amazing to be able to have a piece of Pokemon animation history essentially, so I definitely have a better appreciation of these things now. 

Here are some other views of it:

Soooo beautiful ;____;

Of course, gotta have my obligatory "collection set up" photos. 

Back in July, I moved out of my downtown apartment and now live in a nice quiet suburban house with my boyfriend and one of my closest friends.  I was able to bring my collection with me, but I had to keep most of my plush boxed away.  So right now, here's what my set up looks like:

There's a small spot next to the door that my shelf can stand without getting in anyone's way.  I also wanted to keep my most treasured non-main collection plush on display, so for now I can only display giant floon and the cute whales.

And now all the other shelves:

I had to put all of the plush of my main collections back in the shelves.  I used to keep them in a small box on top of my shelves, but I don't have much room for that.  I suppose I could just kick out the big Airgurumi Floon and the whales, but then I would have nowhere to display them :[  So inside the shelves they will stay, haha. 

That's it for the new stuff, but since I don't post wants a lot, I'm reallyyyyy wanting some new snakey things!! 

I have all natural colors except silver, working on obtaining a silver Arbok, but I most certainly need a silver Ekans.  ALSO any non-natural colors! [light blue, pink, purple, whatever colors are out there] Will throw $$$$ at you!

Already have the copper one, would like all the other color variations!  Will pay lots of $$$$!!

Arbok Seal Book
A rare and unique piece of 151 merch, it's a tiny plastic hollow book that contains stickers of other poison Pokemon.  Very very high want!

Japanese TOMY Seviper figure
From the photos I've seen, it's almost the size of the Hasbro Seviper, but just made by TOMY and has a very dynamic pose.

Ekans/Arbok Mini Models
Seeking any colors I don't have!

Ekans Gameboy Cartridge
From a series of Burger King toys

Sandwich Keeper featuring Ekans
Neato plastic thing to put delicious sandwiches in

Metal Coins with Ekans/Arbok
I already have two round coins that look like the one on the left, but if there are any other cool ones [I've seen colored coins and star shaped ones] that would be awesome!

Pokemon 2000 pin with Ekans
This is the one I have with Arbok on it, looking for the Ekans one!

Weepinbell Whistle
A rare and cool beauty!

*~HOLY GRAIL~* [that i will probably never obtain but putting it here just in case] 
Arbok Sample Plush
This popped up shortly after I joined, but I painfully lost it.  If there happens to be a second one out there, I will fight to the death for it

Also seeking any flats featuring Ekans, Arbok, Seviper, or Weepinbell on it [no TCG please~], as well as any cool non-flats!

Thanks for looking!  Until next time! <3

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  • Marill Collection Update!

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