d3monicwolv3s (d3monicwolv3s) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Plush want post

I have a little money to spend. (looking for around $30 shipped or under)

So my main two wants at the moment are:

The vileplume ufo plush, which I just lost an auction for it on ebay. Damn snippers. v.v 



Kecleon plushes, mainly wanting the ufo plush here too, but I eventually want all three of these guys. Not sure if I'll find any of these guys on the community or not. 

Photo by psychtiger

Other plush wants: 
Togetic friends plush 
Reversible togepi egg plush 
Caterpie friends plush

Tags: azelf, caterpie, kecleon, togepi, togetic, vileplume, wanted

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