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Amazing in-case GA FINAL Payments - must read for participants

Hi guys, the Amazing in-case GA is finally here! Thank you all for being so very patient through the entire process. :)

As the last step of this GA, there are a few things to mention before shipping everything out, so I would prefer if everyone could take the time to read all of the info and answer any questions as clearly and quickly as possible so I can get these guys out to you asap. <3


(The pictures under the cut are a little big for the format of the community on LJ I think, so if you click the title of this post, it'll lead you to the page with just this entry - it might make for a better viewing experience for some of you)

Here's a picture of the lot when it arrived:


Something to keep in mind is that the pictures in the Y!J listing were fairly tiny (as well as poor quality); due to this, unfortunately there was a bit of confusion with the figures. A lot of people had no problem receiving the Pokemon they had anticipated with the correct bases, but if you see a note beside your name, it means that there could be anything from the base being a different color to the Pokemon being completely off from what it was labeled as.

For example, some really noticeable differences in Pokemon:
All of the "Venusaurs" were Ivysaurs.
All of the "Vileplumes" were Glooms.
All of the "Glooms" were actually Parasect.

PLEASE check over your pokemon and make sure they are the correct ones that you've bid on - when I requested the first payment, I double checked it all and everyone confirmed, so I am trusting that I have the figures matched to the right person. Just let me know if there are any issues, or if by chance I've missed you!

Aaand here are pictures of everyone's items!

daskryuu - I am still missing payment 2 from you, and have tried to contact you with no response. If you are having issues, please come talk to me. Both of the figures you bid on ended up being Tentacool.

katiyakramer - the Nidorina you bid on was actually a Nidoran [F], and the Venusaur is actually an Ivysaur.

lady_avii - Your mystery figure was a Starmie!

schenzi - The mystery figure you bid on is a Clefairy! The "Marowak" ended up being a Cubone.

wolf_of_shadow - I included a base for your Ninetales and it'd be an extra $2 - let me know if you'd like it, or I can just send it without the case.

tortoises - "Vileplumes" were Glooms, and one of the Chanseys that we couldn't make out originally is a Clefairy.

eledora - the Voltorb is actually an Electrode (kind of hard to tell without seeing the face ;_;)

bellyofthewolf - Weepinbell with the green base actually had a blue base.

raz2b - The two Krabbies were actually Kingler!

milkycat_chan - There was no Pidgeotto unfortunately, but the figure was actually a Fearow. I forgot him in this picture but he's here:
and will be included with the rest of your figures!

kittay752 - The Seaking you bid on was actually a Goldeen, the mystery figures are Gengar and Cloyster, the Vileplume is actually a Gloom, and the Glooms are both Parasect.

Onto the instructions!

Before posting, make sure the figures I've labeled are indeed yours. If they are, you can move onto the following steps; if not, let me know what's wrong and I'll fix it immediately. :)

1) Please remember to comment with the country where you are located so I can calculate the base shipping.

2) The next thing is the most important - packaging. As you guys may know, shipping companies have a tendency to be rough when handling parcels, so keeping this in mind please let me know if you'd like your figures shipped in a box or a bubble mailer. With the bubble mailer (cheaper shipping option), the figures will be bubble wrapped to prevent any minor damage but they have a chance of arriving cracked as they are fragile. I will not be responsible for any damaged pieces if you choose to have them sent in a bubble mailer; the difference in price is about $4 for reference between the two methods.

3) Lastly, please include your username during payment and make sure the address in your paypal is correct when sending payment 3 so I know where to ship to. <3

Feel free to mention any other questions or comments you have.

I've also had numerous questions about the extra figures, and I've decided that I just don't have the time to organize them all to be photographed to be put up for grabs immediately. After doing spreadsheets, making lengthy posts, and all of the hunting down of mystery figures, I need a bit of a break. I will still be giving first dibs to participants when I do make the post in the near future though (however I may decide to auction certain ones), so you guys will still have priority before I make them available publicly. ^_^
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