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recent gets

Hiya guys thought I would share with you some of the plushy goodness I have received lately :D 
heres an overview of my (and my boyfriends) collection, it sure has grown after a couple of noppin boxes!



Here is my latest obsession COBALIONNNNNN! I only have two of them at the moment so looking to build my muskedeer collection up especially with the pokemon center big cobalion. Just look at his fluffy little chest :3 and whiskers. The pokedoll arrived this morning at 7am! never had anything delivered so early I'm sure I gave the postman a fright. 


I have always admired the pokemon time line but never got anything from it so I present my new growlithe :) thanks to killmenko for doing a pick up of him for me. He isn't as soft as I was hoping but he is happy and derpy so I LOVE HIM. Agian he arrived at ungodly hours this morning but was worth the early rise


here are my new hoothoot's, owls are one of my favourite animals so what a better way of combining them with my love of pokemon than with HOOTHOOTS. Not sure how much merch is out there for these guys but I will have to get my hands on a noctowl pokedoll someday :D

These two came from schenzi's recent GB just look at that Joltik *squeeeeeee* now in reality a 2 inch spider would make me scream blue murder but a fuzzy yellow plushie is possibly one of the cutest things ever!! 

And finally a part of my main collection MEWS <3 got them from yahoo japan for a steal, here we have a mew purse/ bag with a really soft minky fur even if he is a little bozz-eyed he is a cutey. The other is a christmas mew from 2004, I have wanted this one since I saw it on the poke plush project and he is just as cute as I imagined and even still has his tag :D love my santa mew! 

Although as usual I have a never ending stream of poke's coming in the mail I just wanted to share these ones with you all now :) 

thanks for looking <3

Tags: cobalion, deerling, growlithe, hoothoot, joltik, mew, plush

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