achemillamillamilla (alchemillapkmn) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Time stuff

Hello, everyone! Long time no post! I hope you're not sick of Pokemon Time. :D Well, I had to put a hold on collecting for a little bit and I'm still not back in full swing, but with all the cool stuff floating about, it was too hard to resist a little PT.

The Magikarp strap is too cute. I was going to get Growlithe, but instead I'll be getting his plush. x) I love all the Kanto Pokemon this time around. I pulled a Gengar bookmark, does anyone want to trade or buy? I guess $3 shipped? I haven't seen all the bookmark designs and I'm not after anything in particular, so just show me what you have for trading. :>

(Feedback is here: Sales permission granted by entirelycliched Dec. 31st 2011)

Also, if you have a Pokemon Time Cubone strap (or clear file, sticker or bookmark) that you're willing to part with, please let me know!

And, for a bit more substance, a Caterpie Friends plush sitting in a tree (drying off after a wash). :P

Tags: gengar, magikarp

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