skyswellow26 (skyswellow26) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for Halloween Pikachus :3

Hi all! I'm from Australia and I'm a recently new member to the community. At the moment I'm enjoying keeping up to date with the latest pokemon news and auctions :D I'm pretty new to pokemon collecting and am learning new things from you guys every time I visit :)

I just have a couple of wants that I've recently become obsessed with: the 2010 and 2011 Halloween Banpresto Pikachu plushes

Don't they look adorable? :3

If anyone has these on hand and is willing to sell, let me know ^^ Mint condition would be preferable. I'll see how much I can pay but will only be able buy things late next month (due to exams and all that jazz XD) On a side note, I'll be turning 18 this Friday so I guess these pikas fit into the theme of my birthday month!

That's all from me for now >.< Thanks for reading!


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