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SALES!! and important note for A-lot of Metal Figures GA

Oh My Gosh!  A mini grail has popped up!!! I lowered prices on things, and will be taking offers for Sir Snorlax OOAK Sculpture. (I will not make another like him!) Also taking offers for my signed Pokemon Worlds 2012 poster. Help me raise the funds for my mini grail. Check out the sales below!

Chibi Charm
 lady_avii's sales


  • Sales Permission granted by dewott on 10/4/2012.
  • My feedback is >Here<.
  • All pkmncollectors community rules apply. <3
  • I reserve the right to refuse to sell to you. (if you have Negative feedback or are banned from pkmncollectors
  • I accept Paypal only. Please send payments as Goods, and include in the memo your LJ username with items you purchased. This is to keep things organized. ^_^ 
  • I ship from Hawaii, and can ship worldwide. I ship Monday-Friday. Please ask for shipping quotes before committing if your worried about costs.
  • I use USPS as my preferred shipping service. I am new to shipping overseas (outside the US) so please be patient with my lack of knowledge. I will get you the most accurate quote I can come up with. (I will refund if I charge too much, and if too low I will cover the cost)
  • Prices do not include shipping/materials/fees. When asking for a quote/total, please include your country/zip and any special packaging requests so I can calculate accurately.
  • Please let me know *in advance* if your package requires tracking/insurance. Also please understand that sometimes shipping from Hawaii can take longer than usual.  
  • I am not responsible for lost/stolen/damaged parcels after the package has been sent out. 
  • I prefer not to hold items, but may do so (if you have a legitimate reason) until the end of the day; they will be put back up for sale if I don't get a response by then.
  • If you inquire about an item and do not respond within 12 hours, I will take that as a pass and give it to the next person. Like I said above, I do not do holds; inquiring about an item and disappearing is not okay. It wastes my time, and others who are interested in the same item. I hope you understand. 
  • I am open to haggling, but please keep it within reason. I reserve the right to refuse your offer if I feel it’s too low, please don’t be offended if your offer gets refused. If another person is interested in the same item and willing to pay my asked price, they will have priority.
  • Please don't hesitate to ask if you need more information on anything; whether it be the details of its condition, or pictures of more angles, I'd be happy to help you out. 
  • Feel free to make offers on anything. :D
  • All prices are in USD!


"Sir Snorlax" OOAK Sculpture

"Sir Snorlax" is made from Sculpey Original Polymer Clay.
Measures about 5-inches tall.
He is painted with Acrylic paint and finished with a Matte Varnish.
The only flaw is on his foot. I had to add a piece of clay to help him stand. Photo below.
Shipping will be in a box, with him packed well to prevent breaking.
Shipping will be $15 in the US or $20 Outside the US.

Offers start @ 30

Offers will end Thursday, October 25, @ 5pm HAST.
Countdown timer >HERE<



Pokemon World Chapmionship 2012 SIGNED Poster

Measures about 17-inches long, by 11-inches tall.
It is signed by Shigeki Morimoto (Game Freak/creator of Mew), Junichi Masuda (Game Freak), and Tsunekaz Ishihara (CEO of the Pokemon Compay).
There are slight marks/bends. See photo below.
Will be shipped in a tube. Shipping will be $5 US or $7 outside US.

Offers start @ $6

Offers will end Thursday, October 25 @ 5pm HAST.
Countdown Timer >HERE<


Straight SALES!

Does not include shipping/fees!


MWT Zoroark Plush (WA, kiosk?)- $15
MWT US Pikachu Pokedoll- $15
US Eevee Pokedoll Mint w/ detached tag- $13
MWT Togepi Jakks- $8
MWT Pichu UFO- $10
MWT Snorlax Play-by-Play- $10


MWT Zorua Jakks plush- $7
MWT Snivy Jakks plush- $7
MWT Summer Deerling Jakks plush- $7


MWT Vulpix Canvas- $50
MWT Lapars Canvas- $45


MWT DX Zekrom tomy- $10
MWT DX Reshiram tomy- $10
MIB Zekrom tomy- $5
MIB Reshiram tomy- $5
Or All Zekrom, Reshiram tomys for $25


2x MIP Pokemon Worlds 2012 Journal- $15 each
NEW Pokemon Worlds 2012 Binder- $20
2x MIP Pokemon Worlds 2012 Deckbox- $15 each
MIP Pokemon Worlds 2012 Luggage tag (competitor exclusive)- $10


2x MIP Pokemon Worlds 2012 Playmat- $40 each


Will be shipped in tube. Each one is $12 shipped US or $14 Shipped Outside US.
2x Herdier
2x Zebstrika


Pokemon Worlds 2012 Posters. Each will be $10 Shipped US or $12 Shipped Outside US.
4x Pokemon Worlds 2012 Poster


FREE Pokemon League Hat with purchase over $50.
I only have 2 hats. (May add to shipping cost.)


Red Octillery Charm-SOLD
Suicune Cupcake Charm- $10 shipped US or $12 Shipped outside
Slowpoke Cupcake Charm- $10 Shipped US or $12 Shipped outside


Vulpix Cupcake Charm- $12 Shipping US or $14 Shipped outside
Pink Octillery Charm- $10 shipped US or $12 Shipped outside

Green/Purple Octillery Charm- $10 shipped US or $12 Shipped outside
Blue/Yellow Octillery Charm- $10 shipped US or $12 Shipped outside

**Notice! To ALL participants of A-Lot of Metal GA. I have made a calculation error. The auction end time has been changed to October 27, at 12am HAST, instead of October 26, at 12pm HAST. Timer on >auction post< has been updated.**
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