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♥ Plush Sale! Absol + Swampert Pokedoll Up For Offers! ♥

Poke Plush Sales 002

It's been a long time since I've had a sales, but I've been going though my collections and I realized that I sadly don't have any room for these guys. So instead of just putting these in storage I thought it would be better if they went to loving homes. Since I have no room for them and rather not put them in storage that means everything must go! Take a look under the cut for more info and pictures. ♥

♥ T.O.S. ♥
I received sales permission on 7/7/10 from Lineaalba. You can see my feedback here:
All community rules apply.
I ship form the US and live in a smoke free, pet free home.
I will hold items up to 24 hours, but only if you're committed to buying.
I will only take Paypal payments and must receive payment within 24 hours after I give you your final total.
I have the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have poor feedback.
I'm not open for trades at this time.
I will be offering free shipping with all items listed expect the bigger Snivy and Reshiram plush which will be $4 for shipping within the US and $5 for international. I will be shipping them all in bubble mailers, but if you have another way you'd prefer them shipped please let me know. Once I ship them out they are out of my hands, but please contact me if you have any problems.
The Swampert Pokedoll, Absol Pokedoll, and Ralts Jakks plush will all be up for offers. Swampert will start at $50, Absol will start at $40, and Ralts will start at $5. Please reply to the leading bidder when you go to place a bid.
Offers start once threads have been posted and will end at 4:00 pm PST Saturday, October 27th.

♥ Offers ♥

Poke Plush Sales 003Poke Plush Sales 004Poke Plush Sales 005

♥ Swampert Pokedoll ♥

Condition - He is loved and is without his hang tags. He includes his tush tag, as shown and on his front right foot one of his toes has come undone, again as shown in the third picture.

Offers start @ $50

Poke Plush Sales 008Poke Plush Sales 009Poke Plush Sales 017

♥ Absol Pokedoll ♥

Condition - He is loved and is without his hang tags. He includes his tush tag, as shown.

Offers start @ $40

Poke Plush Sales 007Poke Plush Sales 006

♥ Ralts Jakks Plush ♥

Condition - He is in good condition, has been stored in a plastic bag for over a year. He is with out hang tags, but includes his tush tag.

Offers start @ $5

♥ Sales ♥

Poke Plush Sales 001

♥ Kyogre Pokedoll ♥ Good condition/No hang tag - $15

Poke Plush Sales 013

♥ Munna Jakks ♥ Good condition/No hang tag - $4
♥ Snivy Poke Center Plush ♥ Mint w/Tags - $8 SOLD
♥ Petilil Poke Center Plush ♥ Great condition/No hang tag - $10

Poke Plush Sales 012

♥ Snivy 6" ShoPro Plush ♥ Mint w/Tags - $5
♥ Reshiram 6" ShoPro Plush ♥ Mint w/Tags - $5 SOLD

Poke Plush Sales 010Poke Plush Sales 011

♥ Snivy 12" ShoPro Plush ♥ Mint w/Tags - $10
♥ Reshiram 12" ShoPro Plush ♥ Mint w/Tags - $10 SOLD

Poke Plush Sales 014Poke Plush Sales 015Poke Plush Sales 016

♥ Custom Leavanny Plush w/Bat Wings ♥ - $4 SOLD
♥ Custom Shiny Yamask Plush ♥ - $4
♥ Custom Snivy Pokedoll Plush ♥ Slightly loved - $6
♥ Custom Reshiram Hat ♥ - $4
Tags: absol, kyogre, leavanny, munna, petilil, ralts, reshiram, sales, snivy, swampert, yamask
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