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Hey everyone. I have a simple want today. 

I really want to get more clearfiles, I love them since they're nice to look at and can be stored easily. I'm a massive fan of anything that can be used to look at decent art. 

I have a few so far and looking to expand.. 

I'm pretty poor atm so i have a few things i can trade or i can work out prices for when i get paid, whatever is good..

I'm looking for pretty much any clearfiles but i have to like it to purchase/trade for it, but offer away and show me what you have ^^

There's a few im looking for though. they are:

Johto Canvas Art clearfile
Champions League Tournament Clearfile
Cyndaquil Pokemon Time Clearfile
The BW2 Male Trainer Clearfile
BW2 Pokemon Centre Clearfile

Thanks for your time ^^ let me know what you'd like to do! I'm going to do a collection update on the weekend since my Cyndaquil PlushPlush Arrived! it's amazing ;D;
Tags: wanted

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