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Recent Gets, Auctions, and Sales~

I've gotten so many new things since the 9th, so even if I'm not ready for all the work of a full collection update, I still have to show off what's new~

We already know I've got this little guy, but now...

These are all the plush I've decided to keep from those extra MPC lots~

I may weed them out a little bit more in the future, but one thing's for sure.
I've completely fallen for this adorable beetle:

;w; He's all grumpy and reaching out for a hug at the same time and adshdfgdhf
I may not go ahead and start collecting him too soon, but. Gah. Too much cute.

Of course, MPCs aren't the only things I've gotten, even if they do make up a big part of it.
There's all of this, from much earlier~

I don't think there's much in there at all that's new to anybody, so we'll just look at two of these.

The Squirtle Pokedoll has to be my favourite.

He fits right in with the Piplup I bought when I returned here, and adsgdfha look how cute his shell is!

I can't even.
Maybe it's the soft colours or something but I just can't get over how precious that shell and tail make him look <3

Now, not everything's arrived, but. That Squirtle's started something.
;w; A Water Starters collection!

I always pick the water types, and I already had those kids figures lying around, so why not?
There's four Canvas plushies on the way now, and hopefully when I've got some spare cash I can go after the metal charms as well~
It'll have to stay small, but, I know I'm going to love it anyway.

The other notable piece is here.

When I came back, I think I was still on a break. But now, finally, my first new Mime Jr!
I've since bought two stickers, commissioned a charm, and tracked down some of the deco seals I've been missing, as well as winning a super rare Christmas plush.
My wallet's suffering for it, but it feels so great to finally get back to my first collection.

There's a much more massive get, though, as well, which is why I can't find the time to really update my collection at all. ;w;



:'D I had to split my FJ boxes up so much to keep that from touching any GA shipping and I've been drowning in invoices because of it but asadgsdfhs.

I used to have this

And now...

I have this o__o

That's just.

So okay maybe my collection was huge enough that the difference isn't too noticeable but sgasdfhda I'm getting so close to completing a few regions! There's only 11 left for Shinnoh!

That said, while I can't buy any more right at the moment, I am absolutely up for trading! A complete regional Pokedex of kids figures would be beautiful to own, and I've got over 100 in doubles to offer towards it!

But first,


Mostly it's the kids figures that looked a little more impressive than the rest. We've got clears, 'Vees, and some other popular-seeming Pokemon!

They're used, so condition's as shown. I can go check them again if you have any specific concerns, of course.




In addition, I've been wanting to sell these cards and have no idea what they're worth.
So, auction time for them, as well.
Condition ranges from okay to a few being absolutely terrible (though none are ripped and only a couple have small bends), so please keep this in mind.

Trainers Lot - 30 common, 2 uncommon

Pokemon Lot - 34 common

All of these auctions will end... Let's say Sunday night. So a quick payment means I can get them packed up to go by Tuesday~

Regular auction rules apply: bid in the correct threads, no deleting bids, and no sniping.
The sniping extension will run in 10s, but bids will only be counted if placed by users who've already been in said thread earlier.

For shipping rates (as well as sales permission/feedback links/etc), please see this page.

And with all that aside... Regular sales!

My sales page is finally up and ready, so please feel free to check it out.
I'll gladly combine shipping between sales items and any auction or group buy items, as well.

For the auctions, please don't comment until threads are up ;w;
Okay go~
Bids go in auction threads, anything else goes anywhere else :>
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