Rin (leyluna) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Get's =3 And pokedoll tag wants

Hi all! Long time no post... I've been so stinking busy with y new job and school D= But anyway, I wanted to share some N themed gets with you all!

Okay this isn't N BUT It's N themed! I finally got the legit Tomy Zoroark which I thought I never would. I did I abootie to legit comparison and... well, I kind of like the bootie better =O It's hair is softer and a darker shade of black. But anyway here's just the legit one


And now for N Harmonia! I've been DYING to get my hands on this clearfile! Next up is the N and zekrom one! (so if anyone has it we can discuss a price)

Anyway I'm still looking for pokedoll tags! I want to have a whole binder full of them!! Just lemmie know which pokemon you have and we can talk. Thanks!

Enjoy my zubat! (rough sketch)
I chase you because I Lav you <3

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