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An Introduction from a Newbie

Good evening everyone!

I am, obviously, a new member in the community. I'm very happy to be here! My goal by joining is to hang out with collectors and hopefully learn more about collecting, and also to make new Poke-friends. <3

I will try my very best to keep this introduction short. :'| GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION, GO!

To start, I am a 21-year-old girl living in (French) Québec, Canada. C: I first experienced Pokemon in my childhood. I used to watch the show when I was little, and my very first Pokemon game was Pokemon Yellow, with my GameBoy Color. Sad story, that same Pokemon Yellow cartridge died some months ago. :[ I found another one though, thankfully!

I found this cool community via HappyJolteon! I was looking, out of curiosity, for a Reshiram plush on Google, and I stumbled across one of their sales posts. When I saw their Reshiram/Zekrom plush set, I just couldn't pass it up. I purchased both, and after looking around a little, I found a link to this place. This LJ is now my new wallet black hole. I check daily for new sales. And stop myself from buying everything that even mildly interests me. > __ >

I like using a lot of smileys and SOMETIMES CAPS FOR AMUSING EMPHASIS. :'D But I assure you I am not immature or annoying (maybe). I am actually very timid and I will most likely lurk and just check for sales posts. x'D Spend all the money.

Like I said earlier, my goal is to learn about collecting, in general and as a hobby. I personally LOVE the Pokemon plush toys and they are the merchandise I buy the most. Only very recently have I diverged into keychains and figurines as well, but plush toys are still my major want.

So... I understand people here like pictures. :'U I took pictures especially for this post. Of some of the things I have. My room is a complete MESS, and I feel like I have so many things that I couldn't snap a picture of everything I have. x'D So I took pictures of the most available things I had right now. I hope that'll be enough for now! Maybe this will motivate me to continue fixing my room to put up everything I do have in terms of Poke-merch.

One thing before you check the pictures — please know... I am not a collector per se. I just buy things because, I LOVE THIS POKEMON, I WANT THIS TOY. x'D I want to change that, though! Sadly, I do mean that... I believe a majority of what I have are bootlegs. X: I didn't necessarily buy them all from eBay, some I bought from anime conventions. Some of them are also from before I even knew about bootlegs. So with that mind, I apologize for any hardcore collector's eyes that will burn from these pictures. I give you permission to educate me on how to spot bootlegs beyond their obvious flaws. x'D


OKAY, pictures. :'D Since I mentioned how I got to know this community because I ended up buying a Reshiram/Zekrom set from HappyJolteon, I believe the best thing to do is start this with a picture of them!

Funny story is I actually went to New York last year, JUST to shop at Nintendo World. :| I remember seeing Zekrom and even picking him up. Sadly, NW didn't have Reshiram in stock or even in the back. :C So I left Zekrom there because I didn't want only half the set. I always regretted not buying at least HALF the set later. x'D But now, thanks to this opportunity, I have them both! <3

Speaking of Nintendo World, the big Pikachu is big prize from there. <3 I bought him and carried him all around New York for the rest of the day! I remember being on the tour bus with him in my arms, and the bus tour guide actually turned to me and asked what Pikachu thought of this tour. xD
The little Pikachu friend with him is a Pikachu plush I bought as an arcade prize at Dave and Buster's in Jacksonville, Florida, in August 2012!

The last picture with some Nintendo World plushes I bought. Ho-Oh, Sandile, and Pachirisu are all from Nintendo World in New York! Sadly, I do not have a little Lugia to keep my Ho-Oh company. :c Maybe one day.
The Chatot, I bought at Anime North, in Toronto in May 2012... I believe he may be a bootleg. Well-made, though! He kept me company during the night while we were staying there in the hotel. C:

Well, my Ho-Oh doesn't have a Lugia friend, but he has a Mienfoo friend. c: This one I'm sure is genuine, since his original Japanese tag was attached! I bought him at a convention, which I believe was ours, here, in Montreal. The seller said he swore all the items he sold were straight from Japan and were all genuine. I have since detached Mienfoo's tag, but I have another picture with it. I did keep it though; I keep all my tags!

As promised, Mienfoo tag. c: Along with some others plush I bought from that same convention. That convention had a HUGE amount of Poke-merch, it was insane.
I bought the Buizel from the same vendor, so my guess is that he is also genuine. :3
The Vaporeon and Gengar, I later learned were actually bootlegs. Despite that... I'd be lying if I said I didn't LOVE the living heck out of that Gengar. He's so round and soft, he's the PERFECT plush to sleep with. ;3; I love the Vaporeon too; although I do hope to grab a genuine Vaporeon plush when the I <3 Eevee line happens... next year, I believe, right? Crossing my fingers. x'D

Another group from that same convention! I think the Ampharos is... a bootleg too. :|;; Love him too, though. Dat head. He's adorable.
I am not sure on the Zoroark, if he is genuine or not. I do not know about the little Glaceon, either. If anyone is ever willing to help me figure out which toys I have that are bootlegs or genuine, I would totally love it! And I would, of course, be willing to provide more pictures. <3

Again, from the same convention. The Lucario and Entei were bought from the same seller as the Zoroark and Glaceon above. Again, not sure on the genuine value of them.
The Drifloon, though? He was a handmade plush from an artist. He was $30, and there were two left. I thought he was just too cute to pass up, so I bought him! I just LOVE the plush-toy look with little button-eyes. I think it's just to die for, and I couldn't keep myself from buying this little cute-face. <3

From the same conventions, these two are little custom charms! Umbreon was actually the only left, too. Lucky! I believe they had all the Eeveelutions, but I picked Leafeon and Umbreon because of their significance to me. I raised a Leafeon in my main HeartGold team, and my Umbreon from the beginning of my game is the one who gave me all those bred Eevee eggs. xD They have their own characters and story (Poke-story and original), and so, that's why I picked these two. c:

Speaking of Eevees, here is a group shot with two Eevee dolls: Leafeon and Glaceon! It's the same Glaceon from earlier, but the Leafeon was bought on eBay from an American seller. I would think it's a genuine toy, but again, I could be wrong. They sounded genuine, though. :3
Same Chatot as earlier.
The big Oshawott plush was bought on eBay from AnimeRaro! The only thing about it is that I don't like the material it's made of. :[ A little rough. I still love you, though, Osha!
The Dewott was bought from an American seller, and it came with its original American/English tag. C: And homg, it's the softest thing ever. ;__; I wish it were bigger! I think I could just snuggle it forever.
The little Absol peeking from the back is one of my very first Pokedoll purchases from when I was younger. :D From eBay, but beats me if it's genuine or not. Tush tag says it might be, though? Says Pokemon Center 2006. But, again, I may be wrong. You guys need to teach me everything! x'D

The feet you were seeing in that picture are from these two! The Mudkip is probably a bootleg, sadly, since its tush tag has that same weird symbol as the Gengar's. He spurred some conversations when I was in Toronto, though! People DO liek Mudkipz.
The Victini was bought by a friend for my birthday from Amazon! He's so biiiiiiig, wow. My mom's jaw dropped when she saw this thing in the house. x'D She doesn't really support my addiction to Pokemon things, sadly. He's made of the same rough-y material as Oshawott, sadly. :c Still love him though!

Here is a little group picture of my Johto Starters! <3 There three are genuine, and were actually bought at our local Toys 'r Us! My mom bought them all together for me for Christmas last year. :D

Here is one of my most recent, and first, Japanese merchandise! This amazing Keldeo plush was bought straight from Sunyshore. <3 I couldn't contain myself when I saw it on the website. I adore Keldeo and its design, and I thought it was the best opportunity to get merch of it! The price originally made me sad a little, but in the end and after the fact, I don't regret it. <3

Seriously, how can you say no to this cute, adorable little pony face?

You can't say no to this face.

My N keyring, which I actually got just two days ago from Pokevault! I love it. I love N and his story, and I thought it'd look nice on my cap. <3 Love it. The little Shaymin charm is a custom charm I bought at a convention. :D

Last merchandise I bought recently. Two commemorative coins for Black 2 and White 2! I had to be rebellious and watch the auction and bid during work for Black Kyurem's coin. Shhh, don't tell anybody.
I don't know where I'm going to expose them yet, but until then, I'm keeping them in their original plastic package. c:
And here's the back! They're flippy coins, so the middle core turns around!

Just like I said, I recently diverted into figurines, and I actually have more than just these few. These ones are sitting at work with me and my Pony blind bags! This picture is actually very outdated, but I don't have any recent work pictures, so they will have to do. D: Since then, I have actually gotten Zekrom to match Reshiram. <3
I bought the three Unova starters bottlecaps from eBay from an American seller. They're amazing and adorable!

A closer/different shot of the bottlecaps starters. :3

Snivy and Servine hang out together besides my computer. I'm also the one who scribbled the lame drawings on the post-its there. x'D There's a Zubat and a Whimsicott missing its neck-fluff. And an itty-bitty Pikachu.

Hopefully, I will be motivated to fix my room and put up my little newbie collection up better, instead of scrambled pictures. This isn't all that I have, I actually have few more handful of plush everywhere. If I keep searching, I might just end up finding my old 1999 Pokemon plush. I remember having Charizard, Eevee, Jigglypuff, Bulbasaur, Psyduck, and Meowth. :3 I also remember having HUGE pillow-friends sort of plushies of Pikachu and Charmander. They're very old though, and they moved between our duplex and our house since they were storage items — I'm not sure where they are now. :[ Maybe I'll find them again, though!

That said, I'm very happy to be here. <3 I hope to learn more about collecting and getting a better eye for bootlegs and fake merchandise. I'm very eager to learn.

And so, my closing question: what attracts you guys to collecting? Coming from a home where buying things — especially 'duplicate' or 'similar' things — is a little taboo because SPACE, HOMG, how do you explain the desire to collect? How do you justify the prices of some Pokedolls, such as some Pokedolls going over $100? To you, is collecting just something that can't be explained, or is there a reason why you're attracted to it? I'm really curious to know! <3

And finally, to close this... I'm happy to meet you guys, and I'm excited to hang out!

EDIT 25/10/12: Thank you so much for everyone's warm welcomes and even HELP with my questions above! <3 I'm even more happy and excited to be here. C: I've loved all your stories and discussions about collecting, and now I'm even more excited to dwell into the topic and hobby more.

Also, I would like to thank PikaFreakRachel for reminding me we only live once. And for ultimately being the one convincing argument I needed to break and buy myself the cutest talky Oshawott plush ever made. My wallet doesn't thank you, though (but it will surely forgive you).

Oh my Gawd, I am so excited to receive it. This is the only thing I HATE about buying online. The waaaaaaait. ;3; I think I'll jump on the unboxing bandwagon and record it when I unbox it once it gets here. x'D I haven't a talky plush since the old talky Pikachu, so homg. I can't wait to get it.

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