greywolf77 (greywolf77) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Exciting Collection Updated!

Recently I have come into possession of a card I've needed for quite some time now for my Eeveelution Collection, and I am so happy to finally have it! I actually got another card that I didn't even know I needed :P. I didn't even know of it's existence until just a couple weeks ago lol some Eevee collector I am.

The two cards I received were the English Umbreon* and Regionals 2012-2013 Jolteon promo!

Click the banner below to be taken to my website and check out the scans of my new and old cards! :)

Also, I now have a Facebook page for my collection, so if you want to "Like" it, feel free to do so.  

On a sort of, kind of, unrelated note. I can't wait for that 3 ring Eevee binder to come out this November! I will be so happy to finally have a binder that reflects my collection AND comes with some awesome looking promos :)

eevee collection

Thanks for looking everyone!


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