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Weeding Auction! Umbreon+more eeveeloution canvas' plus more!

As you may of known (since I've bought a lot on the community) I've got a big collection. Don't know how big? Well, it's kinda ridiculous and I hope to post the results after these sales :P But if you need more of a visual I am looking directly up around my desk and going "oh god wow how could this have happened"

HOWEVER I have WAY too much stuff and it's gotten cluttered. I'm here to sell what I've decided I don't actually want or need. I hope you can give all of my stuff good homes and I'm sure you can!

More Under The Cut!

Here are some notes for this auction:

-Payment must be made within 48 hours. If this can not be accomplished message me PRIOR to bidding
-All tags will be sent incased in cardboard to prevent damage
-Some items are damaged and they are noted or with pictures
-If you do not pay within 48 hours and I can not get a hold of you, I may leave a negative feedback
-I will ship internationally at buyers expense
-I ship usually within 2-5 business days. I work full time and will try to get everything out in a timely manner
-Tracking is an additional fee. It is very expensive to do international tracking. Ask ahead of time
-I will ship everything in a bubble wrap envelope.
-I will combine shipping. If you win a lot of things I will upgrade your items to a box
-Please have good feedback community when you bid!
-Sniping rules apply! 
-I do not do holds.
-I only accept paypal!
Granted sales permission by 13 FEB 2012 by entirelycliched
All threads are up!

Umbreon Canvas Mint W/Tag  starts @ 50.00
Espeon Canvas Mint W/Tag  starts @ 50.00
Glaceon Canvas Mint W/Tag  starts @ 45.00
Leafeon Canvas Mint w/ tag detatched starts @ 40.00

Pokemon Charmander Plush starts @ 2.00
Leafeon Jakks Plush w/o tag starts @ 3.00
Drilbur Jakks Plush w/tag starts @ 3.00
Cyndaquil Plush w/o tag starts @ 3.00
Chimchar Plush w/tag starts @ 3.00
Butterfree Plush w/o tag starts @  5.00
Squirtle Pokemon Mystery Dunegeon starts @ 20.00

Dewot Jakks plush w/tag starts @ 2.00
Squirtle plush w/o tag (string on squirtles tail is loose) starts @ 1.00
Blastoise Plush w/o tag (there is a stain on his tank) starts @ 1.00
Turtwig Pokedoll w/tag starts @ 3.00
Chimchar Pokedoll w/tag starts @ 3.00
Ampharos Plush w/tag starts @ 5.00
Pansage plush w/tag starts @ 3.00

Tags for Chimchar and Turtwig:


Here is the damage for Blastoise. 

Zorua Banpresto plush w/o tag starts @ 5.00
Snivy Canvas Plush w/tag starts @ 5.00
Turtwig Canvas Plush w/tag starts @ 5.00
Turtwig Canvas Plush w/o tag starts @ 3.00
Virizon Pokedoll Plush w/o tag  starts @ 5.00
Chimchar Canvas Plush w/tag starts @ 5.00
Mesprit Canvas Plush w/o tag starts @ 3.00
Panpour keychain plush w/o tag starts @ 3.00
Sandile Jakks plush w/tag  starts @ 3.00

Chimchar Banpresto mini plush w/o tag starts @ 1.00
Meowth plush w/tag starts @ 2.00
Cleffa Jakks Plush w/tag starts @ 3.00
Axew Jakks Plush w/tag starts @ 3.00
Mew Pokeball doll starts @ 1.00
Likitung Jakks Figure MIB starts @ 2.00
Pikachu Tomy Figure w/tag starts @ 2.00
Shieldon Jakks Plush w/o tag starts @ 2.00
Loveball MIP starts @ 1.00

Munna Jakks Plush w/tag starts @ 3.00
Mew Pokedoll W/o tag starts @ 5.00
Piplup canvas plush w/tag starts @ 5.00
Eevee Tomy w/tag (detatched) starts @ 3.00
Zorua banpresto Shiny plush w/tag starts @ 5.00
Zoroark Banpresto plush w/tag  starts @ 10.00
Pokemon Figures

Gible Jakks Figure starts @ 1.00
Darkarai Figure starts @ 1.00
Marshstomp Figure starts @  0.50
Chikorita Jakks Figure starts @ 1.00
Totodile Jakks Figure starts @ 1.00
Cyndaquil Jakks Figure starts @ 1.00
Togepi Jakks Figure starts @ 1.00
Togetic Jakks Figure starts @ 1.00
Zoroark McDonalds Figure starts @  0.50

Venusaur Stamp starts @ 0.50

Bulbasaur Green Plastic Figure starts @ 0.50
Eevee Kid starts @ 0.50
Dragonite Kid (slightly scuffed) starts @ 0.50
Heracross Kid starts @ 0.50
Umbreon Kid starts @ 0.50
Espeon Kid starts @ 0.50
Alakazam Kid starts @ 0.50
Jirachi Kid (japanese sharpie on the bottom) starts @ 0.50
Rhyperior Kid starts @ 0.50
Venusaur glow in the dark kid-like figure starts @ 0.50
Gible Kid starts @ 0.50
Vaporeon Kid starts @ 0.50
Flareon Kid starts @ 0.50
Flareon bootleg tomy starts @ 0.50
Sandshrew Kid starts @ 0.50
Pikachu Cake Figure starts @ 0.50

Leafeon Kid starts @ 1.00
Machamp Kid starts @ 1.00
Totodile model kit figure starts @ 0.50
Charmander Glow in the dark figure starts @ 0.50
Slaking Figure starts @ 0.50
Squirtle roller figure starts @ 1.00
Zorua Flat 
Zoroark Flat 
Entei Flat 
Raikou Flat
Suicune Flat
Pikachu Waving Flat
Celebi Flat

All flats start @ 0.50

Reshiram Flat
Zekrom Flat
Oshowott Flat
Victini Flat
Pikachu Leaping Flat
Tepig Flat
Snivy Flat

All flats start @ 0.50

WERE DONE! I will total all your stuff up asap and message you! Thank you!


Tags: canvas, glaceon, leafeon, umbreon
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