Jade the Four Eyed Alien (foureyedalien) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jade the Four Eyed Alien

Slugs and Snails!

It seems like there's been a lot of wants/sales/GA posts lately and not enough collection posts!

Hello! I'm Jade! I've been a member of this community since late 2009, but I wasn't active for the first couple months or so, so I suppose more like mid 2010!
I collect lots of Pokemon! Tumbleweeds, lava slugs, bug turtles, rock monsters, derpy fishies and aliens are my main collections, but I also tend to collect things that I think are cool, which is a lot of stuff.
I'm also an artist, like many members here! I make sculptures and sew things sometimes.

I'm going to focus on my most favorite collection! I seem to get the most joy out of getting things for this collection and I hope to someday complete it! Only one more thing and it will be complete in my mind.

Now onto the show!

Over all view!

I'm very fond of customs, which is good since there's not a lot of official merch for the lava bugs. I try to keep it more organized by having official things on the bottom, which customs go on top, though there's a bit of overflow in places, aha!

I don't have a great way to display all of the flats as of yet, so I keep most of them in the mug.

My buddy zenity traded me a shiny Slugma once upon a time and then painted me shiny bugs as a gift when we met in person!!

The shiny guys tend to hang out over here!

Now this guy doesn't quite fit on the small shelf, so he hangs out with my tumbleweeds! He's huuuuge!

I hope you folks enjoyed my pictures! I miss this community a lot and I'm sad that I'm not as active as I used to be. I'm hoping to change that though!
Tags: collection, magcargo, slugma

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