Rachel Fryer (rachelfryer) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rachel Fryer

Big, silly, spur of the moment purchases!

Alrighty, so I'm kind of a newbie to this community, and I want to learn more about the people involved here. I am kind of shy, so please forgive me V__V...
This is a post about a BIG, ridiculous purchase I made, of which took a depressing toll on my wallet. So heres the story, I was feeling down because I had just made a suckish grade on my college math test, and on top of that my boyfriend and I were fighting. In attempt to cheer myself up I was scrolling through ebay, looking at Pokemon plush (of course). At this time I hadn't joined PKMNCollectors yet, so I was not privy to the cost of some plush. Upon scrolling I came across a HUGE Blastoise, he was so pretty and big, and he was listed at $20 with "free" shipping. So I thought, why the heck not, I don't have a Blastoise yet, and just *BAM* purchased him, turns out it was a bait and switch scam, and the shipping turned out to be $43. =____=; By the time I had realized what had happened, the deed had been done, and the seller deleted his/her account. So, in all his expensive glory, here is the Blastoise (I am honestly surprised it actually got here and wasn't just a money grabbing scam). *Lugia Pokedoll for size reference*

photo_zps5bbf0234</a>" width="300" />>
**So, what I'd like you to do, community, is to post your own stories about ridiculous purchases. :)
*Disclaimer: If I did anything "illegal" in this post, please let me know! Dx

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