asimplechimera (asimplechimera) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Croagunks for sale again!

Hello everyone, I have a few Croagunk items for sale. :)

*Sales permission was granted by denkimouse around summer 2008
*I ship from the USA
*Paypal & money orders accepted
*First come first serve, can hold items for 10 hours max if necessary
*Shipping prices are based in the USA, just ask if you are an international buyer for a different price!

$15 shipped in the USA
talking Croagunk, still has hand tag and tush tag

$25 shipped in the USA
Croagunk contest plush from the Pokemon Center, still has hang tag and tush tag great condition

$15 shipped in the USA (includes box that isn't pictured)
Cheebee from Toys R Us, great condition

The final plush I'm kind of attached to, but will take offers. He's a really rare big play by play plush - I didn't measure him, but he's about 1' tall.

Thanks for looking! <3
Tags: croagunk

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