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Korean Card Sales

Hi Everyone! ^^

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Click the Previous Feedback Link Also here - Link

Today I have some Korean card sales for you. ^^

First up is 1311 unopened booster packs. I'm asking $2 each before shipping.
(2 packs currently on hold and 2 were sold)


I bought a box of 30 booster packs and was able to get all the cards I wanted (mainly Eeveelutions) in the first 17 packs. I could be wrong, but I believe this series of booster packs are becoming difficult to find. When I was ordering them, I ended up having two different sellers cancel my order because their suppliers were out of stock. And the third seller said that I bought his last box.

The Eeveelution cards included in this set are:
PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT selling the Eeveelution cards in the three photos below. These are just photos taken so Eeveelution fans know what cards might be hidden in those packs I'm selling.


Espeon and Umbreon are holographic versions of non-holo English cards.

All these are non-holo.

Each pack comes with 5 cards. One of those 5 is a Rare, Holo, or Level X.

These packs will be for sale for the next week. If I don't receive any interest in them by next Saturday, I will most likely open them myself to sell/trade the cards individually.

And now onto the single card sales -

- All PKMNCollector rules apply
- I am not responsible for packages that are lost or damaged during shipping. If you would like tracking, insurance, or extra packaging (though my method has never received any complaints), please ask. This will be at your expense.
- Minimum purchase before shipping is $1
- I ship from the USA and will ship internationally
- I live in a dog friendly home...though he's not usually near my cards so they should be safe from fur.
- Prices do not include shipping
- Since the post office is closed on weekends and I do not have my scale with me, I will not be able to get shipping quotes until Monday.
- I am estimating that shipping within the U.S. for 15 or less cards backed with cardboard in a regular letter envelope will be between $1-$2. For anything more a bubble mailer will be used which will probably cost between $2-$3.
- For international shipping...I'm not even going to guess.
- Shipping quotes include shipping price, a little for supplies, and Paypal fee.
- My next shipping date will be Saturday, November 3rd.
- No one will be committed to buy until they receive their total with shipping and affirm they would like to purchase. After that, you have 48 hours to pay or negative feedback will be left.
- I will hold items until 24 hours after shipping quote is given. If no reply is given, then I will move onto the next person who is interested in the cards.
- I do accept haggling but have the right to decline an offer.
- I accept Paypal for payment (if you are paying with an E-check, please let me know BEFORE you pay). I may also allow other payment options upon request.
- I do accept trades (I also collect My Little Pony cards if anyone has those)

Holos - $3 each. EX - $10
Torandus EX, Blissey, Gyarados, Gardevoir, and Deoxys.

Rares - $1 each
Tropius, Beautifly (on hold), Dustox (on hold), Clefable, Deoxys, Mamoswine, and Medicham (x2).

Uncommons - .75 each
Deoxys 1 (x4), Deoxys 2 (x2), Slowking, and Cofagrigus (one on hold) (x3)

Huntail (x4), Gorebyss (x4), Piloswine, Swanna, and Slowbro

Accelgor, Carnivine (x3), and Heatmor

Excadrill, Aerodactyl, Bisharp, Krokorok, Sableye (x2), Wormadam, Escavalier, and Klang

Bibarel, Stoutland (x2), Galvantula, and Jolteon (on hold)

(all trainers below are uncommons)

Commons - .50 each
Grimer (on hold), Sigilyph, woobat (x2), Swoobat, and Yanmask (x3)

Meditite (x5), Golurk, Timburr, and Drilbur (x2)

Kling (x2), Vullaby, Zorua (x2), Sandile (x2), and Carvanha (x4)

Eevee (on hold), Fraxure, Chansey (x3), Smeargle (x2), and Taillow

Bidoof (on hold), Clefairy, Lillipup (x2), and Herdier

Clamperl, Vaporeon (one on hold) (x2), Magikarp (x2), Mantyke (x3), Mantine (x5), and Wooper (x2)

Krabby, Shellder, Slowpoke (x2), Ducklett (x2), Piplup (x2), and Prinplup

Magmar, Larvesta (x2), Torchic (x2), and Combusken

Joltik (x2), Plusle (x2), and Minun (x2)

Elekid, Electabuzz, Tynamo (x3), and Eelektrik (x2)

Karrablast, Shelmet (x2), Bulbasaur (x2), and Ivysaur

Wurmple (one on hold) (x3), Silcoon (on hold), Cascoon (one on hold) (x2), Sunkern, Exeggcute, and Seedot

Deck Cards - .75 each. Except Energy - .15 each
Houndour, Deino, Zweilous, Roselia (x2), Roserade, Rescue Scarf, and Rare Candy

Psychic, Dark, and Grass Energy (x3 each)

Found these after the original post -

Furret is Rare, Lilligant is Uncommon, and the rest are Common

I'm still looking for non-english Base and Jungle cards - http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13440821.html#cutid1 (very image heavy). Also, I'm always looking for Reverse Holo or RH Houndoom/Houndour cards. And I still need -

Non-RH Skyridge Houndour and Holo Aquapolis Houndoom.

Thank you for looking!

~ Risha
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