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I really hardly ever post in here, do I? Anyway...

This is my collection as it stands now, sans cards and flat items which are in a folder. I shuffled things around quite a bit because I'm running out of space! I'm going to try and figure out some better way of displaying my collection soon, they look kind of naff sat on empty boxes like that.

I'm pretty sure these are all the items I've received since my last update last month but I've more than likely forgotten some stuff! I've also gotten some really rad art from you awesome sellers here but the battery on my phone died before I got the chance to take pictures ;__; I'll include them in the next update instead :3 That Clefairy Kid figure and the Clefairy Zukan have been my biggest wants since I started collecting the pink blobs, and now I have the Kid (thank you akirajess!) and I have the Zukan from raifreak coming soon! I'm so happy :D I think I'm only missing one Kid figure now, a Cleffa with a similar pose to the TOMY figure (the TOMY is in the full picture above to the right of the ball in the middle), and I think there's a slight recolour of the other pose of the Clefairy figure I already have but I'm not sure.

And before I go, I would just like to share with you this wonderful piece of mental imagery

My mum: "You're making your figures hug? That's cute."
Sure, hugging, of course.

I'm always looking for more Cleffa/Clefairy/Clefable crap, particularly TCG cards, figures and plush, but if you have anything at all you're willing to part with just let me know :3
Tags: clefable, clefairy, cleffa, collection, palkia
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