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Early Holiday Wants <3

Yup. Holiday wants! Mewtwo-related wants, to be exact.
For starters...

This Play-By-Play plush! Gotta love that face. *pokes muzzle* xD The rest of my wants are under the cut if you're interested!

Another Mewtwo PBP, this is the fluffy version! If I'm not mistaken, it comes in other sizes! the small or medium size is preferred, I'd rather save the big guy for later.

Mewtwo Scrunchie! I don't know who made it or how rare it is, but its so cute and I love scrunchies! Not as high of a priority, though.

Banpresto Derptwo! I really, really want one of these! You may think hes ugly, however, I disagree *Colress reference*!

Jumbo Corocoro promo! Love the artwork, another big want!

Battle Carnival clearfile! I will also accept any other merch from this series, I love it!

Another Japanese promo! Yet another high priority!

Mewtwo full art! What Mewtwo fan doesn't want one?

And for the figures, I got laz- wasn't able to find any really good pictures, sorry.
So, back on topic, I am looking for:
- Any Mewtwo kid. I like them all, especially the Psycho Drive one.
- LEGIT Tomy. Silver, new version or old, I want them all as well.
- Mewtwo Eraser...pretty straightforward.
- Mewtwo Hasbro Shooty-Thing (couldn't think of the word) figure. Psheew psheeew~

Later I'll probably list which stickers in particular I want. For now, just throw your stickers at me. o3o If you have anything else Mewtwo I don't have, and isn't ridiculously expensive (preferably under thirty dollars, because paying ninety dollars for something like a plush makes me wince, but oh well).
Aa side note, sorry for all the exclamation marks. I think I went a bit overboard with them, oh well.
Sorry if any pictures are yours and I snagged them accidentally. I will take them down if requested.
Okay. Thats all, thanks for your time! <333333

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