phoenixmiko (phoenixmiko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction And Possible Wants

Hi everybody! I'm new to this community, having joined only recently. I have been reading the posts here and watching the group and it feels like a great place to be. It's nice to see so many Pokemon fans coming together to share their collections.

I'm glad you can post wishlists as there seems to be many people here who can find what you are looking for. It's good you can sell stuff too because if there's anything anyone no longer wants, it's almost certain somebody else out there will.

A little about me...

I'm from the UK, though I'm currently in Japan on an exchange. I'm living in Osaka at the moment. I like Japanese mythology, history and culture as well as Japanese pop culture and media. I'm a big anime and manga fan and love RPGs, especially JRPGs (Japanese RPGs) and fantasy RPGs. I also like foreign languages, music, films and fiction books. My hobbies include singing in different languages, writing and reading stories/fanfiction and making AMVs.

I have been a fan of Pokemon since it first started in the nineties. I grew up watching the first Pokemon anime series. My favourite kind of Pokemon are equine (or at least appear somewhat similar) because horses are my favourite animals.

I like Ponyta, Rapidash, Girafarig, Blitzle, Zebstrika and Keldeo. However, my favourite Pokemon overall are the first two.

My favourite starter Pokemon are Charmander, Chikorita, Torchic, Chimchar, Piplup, Tepig and Oshawott. I also like Eevee and its evolutions, my favourite being Vaporeon. As for legendary Pokemon, my favourites from more or less each generation are Articuno, Lugia, Suicune, Latias, Dialga, Reshiram and Keldeo.

The Pokemon Center in Osaka is selling Takara Tomy plushies of Eeeve and its evolutions right now. I managed to some plushes but there were quite a few which were sold out.

I know these were released just yesterday but I'm afraid I may not be able to go back to the Pokemon Center before these plushes are gone. Does anyone know how long these will be out? I'm after Vaporeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon and Eevee.

Tags: eevee, glaceon, leafeon, plush, umbreon, vaporeon

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