Omega Tsuki (o0vailo0o) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Omega Tsuki

Quick GA question, and looking for trades

When exactly is a group auction or group buy considered "finished"?
I'm used to a fandom without a limit on how many are running at once, so it's never been something I've had to think about before.

Is it simply once the seller's shipped all parcels? Or is it only once buyers start to receive their items?
And if it is the first one, would that be compromised by the seller and a buyer agreeing to pay/ship at a later time?

Depending on how all that works out, I may be looking for a co-host for a small keychain lot.
(It ends while I'm out of town, so I'd need a bidder/shipper with YJ access)

Mostly answered, I think~ I'll wait to go after it if it relists, just to be sure.

All that aside,
I'm missing a few important pieces to my favourite side collections ;~;
If anyone has any of the following items, and is willing to trade them for any of the kids or MPCs I have here, please let me know~

Zangoose: Zukan, Tomy
Mawile: Tomy, Attack Kid, Poketime Strap
Rhyperior: Zukan

Any of the items listed at the top of my sales page would be loved, too.

Thanks in advance for any help~
Tags: wanted

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