Longcat (nagaineko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Dice and Other Things GA - Payment 2!!!

Attention participants of the Dice and Other Things GA! The lot arrived last week and everything looks great. :D Payment 2 is now due so I can ship your winnings out to you! (I rhymed 3 times in that sentence, whoaaa)

A little note to lucarioI apologize for the rather hefty shipping fee but being overseas and needing a decently sized box makes your shipment fairly pricey unfortunately. D:

A little note to tenshihikaru86: The puzzle is going to be shipped fully assembled as that is how it came to me and it will be put in a large flat mailer with bubble wrap. I think it will be OK like this, but if you would prefer it disassembled, please let me know!

Spreadsheet can be viewed here!
Please pay the proper amount in the highlighted column. Payment goes to nagainekowanagai[@]gmail[dot]com. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put "Dice GA Payment 2 - [username]" IN BOTH THE TITLE AND MEMO OF YOUR PAYMENT. Many people ignored this last time!

Let me know if you guys have any special shipping requests or questions! :3 And again, thank you guys for your participation and congrats to us for another successful GA!
Tags: group auction
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