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The Wonderful Powers of a Great Friend and Oxi Clean!!!

Today was a busy day today, since I hand washed everyone of my pokemon plush today.I have also gotten a few things in the past couple days! Everythings below the cut.

This is my pokedoll 2007 palkia before she was cleaned. You may not be able to tell but...she isnt very white...:'( Her name is Eden by the way.

The left and right sides
Front and Back Side
This is the sisde to side afterwards! Much better right? Haha!
 p after
The front and back after. She looks soooooo much better!
p after 2

My best friend Tia and I got up early this morning to wash them. She was doing the washing because I was sick, and this is when we started.

This is her cleaning marill,my first ever pokemon plush! Whose name is Bubbles.

Her getting the oxiclean out of my poor poor palkia named eden.

Me and my thunder thighs blowdrying Eden,and she was soaked...

After walking around the living room for awhile a wild vinny appears!
After we washed Vaporeon(Wave),Poliwhirl (Twist), Mime Jr (Larry),Turtwig,(Crush,named by my sister haha),Dragonite,(Eragon),and Eevee(Fuzzy)                                              

                            Bruce(charizard):They tag-teamed me! Help!!!2


These are my gets and some other stuff

These are most of the figures I recived thanks to shiny_vulpix and areica96! I love them sooooo much!
Well,I suppose I officially have a zoura/zorark collection now! I have had the plush zoroark for awhile now. I recived the zorark figure from areica96 and the amazing zorua plush/cards from pikachux!

I love these sooooo much to! I've always wanted a nidorina,murkrow,and zubat plush! Zubat is from areica96 and the murkrow and nidorina from lisul! Thank you both so much!
I just want these four gone. They take up space haha!


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