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Time for a more formal introduction (and wants)

  Hi everyone, you might have noticed me hanging around here lately, but I haven't had the time to actually make a real introduction, so here it is. :3

  Well I am Sleepyslowpoke; a 20-something from Canada, and have been a major Pokemon fan since the Red/Blue era. I have been collecting Pokemon items over the years since elementry, but I have not been more formally into the idea of collecting Pokemon merchandise till recently. Since I have moved out of my parents, and to another province I don't have my childhood items, as well as most of my TCG collection, and my Kid collection. I ended up collecting a decent amount of Kids since they were cheap, cute and very easy to get a Asian supermarkets.

  My favorite Pokemon is (not)surprisingly Slowbro, and Slowpoke, but I have a pretty dainty collection of the cute little guys. Other Pokemon I am a fan of and intrested in collecting are Monferno, Infernape, Aria Moletta, Ditto, and the Treeko line. I don't have too much of a focus but I do like plushes, Zukans, and kids. 


More Pics under the cut.

Don't normally keep my collection like this, but decided to group them together for a easier photo-op. I really like my jumbo blastoise plush, he is a Play-by-Play, but isn't too derpy, and I got him for 5 bucks at a thift store. :)
I got a few booties in there, and they are going to go hide in storage. Ho-oh is already hiding his head in shame.


  Sadly this is my small collection of Slow's. I do also a cute, but bootie slowpoke plush, but he sleeps at my boyfriends place. Got some tomys, and a slowbro kid in transit right now.
All the figures are pretty tiny, but cute. The book is Japanese, but it's about a slowpoke yawning; Exciting material. I am for sure looking to expand my Slowpoke, and Slowbro collection, so post anything you have for sale. :3

Pokemon Collection
Just a closer view of some kids, and figures.


My biggest wants right now
Pokemon Time Slowpoke Bank
Pokemon Time Slowpoke Strap and Bookmark
Pokemon Time Slowpoke Clearfile
Slowbro Christmas Tree Figure
Slowbro Line Zukan
Jakks Talking Monferno plush

If you got any of these, or know any for sale, please message me. :3 As well feel free to post items for sale of Pokemon I collect.
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