zetsukitty4302 (zetsukitty4302) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update and want

So I was able to convince my brother to switch rooms with me so I could have the bigger room. With this room came SHELF SPACE!!!!! So now my pokemon (which were multiplying out of control) have more space. Yay! It was supposed to go be ordered pokemon I collecet on the left and eveything else on the right corner... but Togepi snuck into the middle of everything and I can't seem to tell him to move.

*Please ignore everything that isn't pokemon... the self is too long to take a proper pic without getting extras. ^_^;;

and the guys who don't fit on a shelf

Lugia and Umbreon

Eevee and Vulpix

Raikou and Absol

Which brings us to my want. I don't know if anyone else noticed but Absol is overshadowed by everything and I know that he does not have a lot of merch anyway but if anyone has items/ideas to make him pop out then it is much welcomed. Other then leaving a big empty space behind him preferably.
Tags: absol, collection, eevee, lugia, raikou, umbreon

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